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Recent content by christan

  1. christan

    Invite Only Team @υε

    @L l o y d auf ehrenbruderbasis unterwegs gewesen?
  2. christan

    MKW Christan

    didn't type all this stuff just to have you ignore it, so you better have, MERCURY
  3. christan

    How much have you played Mario Kart Wii? (total race count and other in-game records)

    2008-2012 (mostly offline and casual WFC races) 2012-Present
  4. christan

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  5. christan

    Selectively Recruiting Team MEGA

    fucking delete this
  6. christan

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    alright boyos lets go coming in hot, dont have a place for wl, BUT im going inactive until sometime mid april, BUT i PROMISE i will be the most SOLID benchwarmer you will ever have (and ill even play if you really really need me to (but ill be washed)) BUT i have already been given a few offers...
  7. christan

    [S17] WL Team Confirmations Thread

    Just gonna go ahead and say that Remake will not be playing season 17 of Wiimmfi League
  8. christan

    MKW Christan

    I was inspired to make this thread by Shix, his thread is a nice read if you've played this game for a long time, definitely check it out if you can. I too would like to use my thread to document my history of playing this game. I used to have a friend roster thread with a few people from aboo...
  9. christan

    Recruiting Quinτessence

    I understand that the display of skill that was thrown upon you must have been in similar fashion to that of the real deal, I am truly in despair to have come and cleared the illusion. My sincerest apologies.
  10. christan

    Shix :padoru:

    Shix :padoru:
  11. christan

    Who has improved the most this year?

    nobody finna mention my mans alan? actual kasperinos 2.0 up and coming 12k mmr player take my word for it In all seriousness, I think the kid has some serious potential judging by how fast he has improved in recent months
  12. christan

    Improving CT Competition and Activity

    dont u think that by saying 'over 210' he kinda implies there arent more than 220 tho
  13. christan

    Issues with Audio on Livestreaming

    Your Wii2HDMI adapter should have an aux port, mine does at least. You put an aux cable into this port, and you put the other end into your line-in port on your motherboard, aka., in non nerd-language, you put the other end of the cable into the blue port on the back of your PC. Now you're going...
  14. christan

    Improving CT Competition and Activity

    I'm pretty sure a more formal approach has been tried many times, and it hasn't worked, because there are still proper garbage tracks in the pack with inconsistent mechanics that have personally kept me from playing CTs competitively. Can you blame the creator, however? In a way, yes, if their...