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Recent content by 2bye

  1. 2bye

    MKPS Group Stage Predictions

    Group A Phantasmagoria My Choppa Go Charged Brigade Blue Thunder Green Cash Up Contingency this is the only group i really give a shit about. cus its us
  2. 2bye

    Automatic Kart BKTs

    that was like the first run that was done 3/3 glitch
  3. 2bye

    MKPS Team Representatives Submissions Thread

    2bye#0316 volt#4529 Ca$h Up
  4. 2bye

    What Music are you listening to?

  5. 2bye

    [S17] CT Preliminary Seedings

    vesfef is one of the most underrated french players i've met. super nice dude. he fucks me on cts.
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  7. 2bye

    MKPS Logo Submission Thread

  8. 2bye

    immortalized player return

    Rob's first mkb message was dissing the wrong crash never 4get
  9. 2bye

    Moderator Additions and the Future!

    Arvo not mod? wack.
  10. 2bye


    When you thought this thread would be about us discussing whether the ban was legit or not but we end just start shitting on each other for being garbage at the game.
  11. 2bye


    on what planet are we on where appealing and waiting out your ban duration is a false unban?
  12. 2bye


    I meant it as they shouldn't be perm banned for serving their sentence. bad wording on my part I guess. As for the e-sports comment, I do understand in a sense. But, some people really have risen from the ashes and have proven themselves to be better than who they were in the past.
  13. 2bye


    Truly, unless someone cheated again, there's no reason for these players to be thrown back on a perm ban for something they've already moved on from.
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  15. 2bye


    Maybe if some of the past cheaters started going ape-shit insane with cheats then there'd be some validity in re-banning all former cheaters. The only former cheater that's currently active and is currently somewhat suspicious right now is frozen, but no one can be entirely sure about that one...