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    Metro Wipeout 2

    Clan Name: Metro Wipeout 2 Tag: Mw Clan Thread: Leader(s) with contact information: kspr#1248 Bronzemarkian#6493 Number of players: 8-10 Main Timezone: Europe
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    MKPS Tournament #1

    Metro Wipeout | Mw | Chéron#8132 o1#3978 barney#9384
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    Selectively Recruiting Metro Wipeout

    + :flagGB: Xander
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    [S17] WL Team Confirmations Thread

    Metro Wipeout will play as 7UP
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    [GF] Dαιsγ 1 - 1 I$

    Gives an incentive to care in the regular season aka it awards the team that did the best, but still gives the other team a chance to upset
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    My thoughts on the current state of the MKW Community

    Ugh, forgive me for saying this but getting dragged into one of these kind of discussions again was not what I want to spend my holiday time on. Sure, I'm not against the problem being addressed and I guess I should've expected someone to want a response from atleast one of us at some point, so...
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    [W9] Mw 438 - 294 GUN

    GG's Gun! A shame that our luck came to the point where it felt rather cheap, we couldve used a tiny bit of that in some other matches, you were just the team that experienced the full load of it at once. Always good with some surprise ruleset banter though
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    [W7] Mw 100 - 0 MaL

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    [W3] Mw 369 - 363 Dz [✓]

    updated with results
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    [W3] Mw 369 - 363 Dz [✓]

    We might not have gotten a single blue but atleast we ended with a result that has 69 in it. GGs
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    Selectively Recruiting Metro Wipeout

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    MKW Lounge & Pedophiles

    You have my permission. Couldnt have said any of this better myself. Not blaming the one who came up with this too much, but something couldve been ensured that all of lounge staff knew about this (which was not the case). This thread is how i found out about it.
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    7UP - 7UP

    Team Name: 7UP Team Tag: 7UP Team MKB Thread: Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Chéron (Chéron#8132), Barney (barney#9384) and Leops (o1#3978) Number of players (estimate): 14 Main time zone(s) and/or country: CET
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    [Elite Cup S1] Clan Confirmations

    7UP will play
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    barney chéron leops kasper fox sean xander kyon nick neuro roy ryan