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Recent content by life

  1. life

    Exalt Summer 2019

    Was extremely enjoyable to watch and really well ran. Glad to see the community taking a step in the right direction. Casters did an awesome job as well as everyone else who helped make the event what it was this weekend! It was great to see people from different clans/groups getting along...
  2. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  3. life

    Back, but I might as well be new lol

    The name is really familiar, were you in N5 by chance? Welcome back.
  4. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  5. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  6. life

    [S16] Clan Confirmations

    ZJ will not be participating
  7. life

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    Used to be Worlds by Porter Robinson but now I'd say this
  8. life

    [GF] SY 1-0 Ls

    Didn't expect to be needed as last resort, but ggs was really fun. Congrats! RR made me sad :(
  9. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  10. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  11. life

    What Music are you listening to?

  12. life

    Old Head Feeling Lost

    I took a year break back around 2010-2011, and definitely felt out of place because of how so much things changed. Ever since then though I made some really amazing friendships I never would have been able to have if it weren't for this community. You definitely can still make new friends even...
  13. life

    Invite Only Floω ♫ ~ Fω

    Oh trust me same lmao. I like having my own schedule of doing stuff too much. I'll probably have to turn on the toy Wii May 5th just for the memories
  14. life

    Invite Only Floω ♫ ~ Fω

    Time freaking flies ahhhhh, I wish I could go back. I miss everyone, but they're all gone. :( I was in diapers when Andy made this clan lmfao