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Recent content by Lyon

  1. Lyon


    @Rentorar Players have to register themselves
  2. Lyon

    Mario Kart Wii 11th Anniversary FFA | Saturday April 20 (Hosted by MarioKartBoards.com)

    Lyon 5331-7633-6448, 1509-2423-6302 can take pics
  3. Lyon

    [S15] Final Standings Predictions

    GG fun season
  4. Lyon

    [S15] Final Standings Predictions

    Division 4 : POW Block GOMT Battle Cry Eclipse Infinite Apocalypse 2 Team Young Succeed or Perish Division 5: Fake Item Box Mandems Insane 2 Blue Thunder Resurrection II Turtle 7eam Cloud 9
  5. Lyon

    Division Admin Lyon

  6. Lyon

    [W6] DD 344-211 C9

    -All run -Joey only played 1 race -points multiplier :) gg
  7. Lyon


    Lyon https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/maniacs-on-magircruisers.2378/ 5331-7633-6448 0779-0980-3961
  8. Lyon

    [MKW] I am looking for a clan / My clan needs members

    looking for a wl team in low div Ultimate DT#4711
  9. Lyon

    [W2] DD 398 - 334 CM

  10. Lyon

    [W1] GH 373 - 304 DD

    Rip Scott. Only play 6/12 races :(
  11. Lyon

    [S2] Team Confirmations

    Dolphin Dashers will play this season
  12. Lyon

    DD - Dolphin Dashers

    Team Name: Dolphin Dashers Team Tag: DD Team MKB Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/dd-dolphin-dashers.894/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): ILoveSMB (ILoveSMB#0606), Scott (Scott#3379), and IEoN (lEoN#4711) Number of players (estimate): ~11 Main...