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Recent content by mephisto

  1. mephisto

    My point of view of the current situation

    the good thing about people hacking is that when they get exposed we are gonna "haha noob" or "how could you :C"
  2. mephisto

    mephisto ApS-->UC

    hopefully this is the right move.
  3. mephisto

    F/A -> Mw1

  4. mephisto

    [W4] nx 384 - 348 io ✅

    we dont have wimm pic, ill add gp3 later
  5. mephisto

    Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    updated week 2 !
  6. mephisto


    you can add the picture via url
  7. mephisto

    ERROR fc update

    the picture is not available, can you send a new one?
  8. mephisto

    [W1] Rvc 359 - 353 ST

    Match Approved
  9. mephisto

    [W1] Vφ 380 - 352 yK

    penalty will be removed due to the pov not being enough proof Final result Vertigo 380-352 yuuki Communist Party Match Approved
  10. mephisto

    [W1] NaNa 355-377 CS

  11. mephisto

    ERROR fc update

    the link doesnt show a picture, please provide a new one
  12. mephisto

    Division 3 - Standing, Schedule, Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters
  13. mephisto

    [S2] Final Seedings

    This will be the final seedings, Good luck to all teams! Division 1 Airbound Apocalypse Butterfly effect Equipo Fenix Megavolt Into Oblivion Division 2 Team dts Yuuki Clan Blue Thunder Shadowplay Les Lions del Atlas Long Shaft University Division 3 Bibb Squad Contingency Vertigo Yuuki...
  14. mephisto


  15. mephisto

    Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters