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  • No statuses in almost a month, darn xp
    Forgot this site existed after getting the future leaked
    founder of my clan made things confusing by not combining with my team, but instead, creating their own, and that's how nst has 2 servers, and my nst server has 2 teams, wonderful :/
    i think ive been using this status thing like someone uses twitter instead of saying stuff on twitter, but why? simple: nobody looks at it so anything stupid i say will never be seen >:)
    fact: If croatia didn't fight as hard as it did against the ottomans, you'd all be muslims :p
    now I've got a perfectly valid reason for wearing a cap even on cloudy days: protection against bird poop :p
    well, now I know why pisscore is called the way it is, it pisses off everyone I play it to, not me tho :p
    i might as well use this status if nobody else is doing it. anyways, could maybe make a team with the tag FBI. guess what it stands for :p
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