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Search results

  1. Chéron

    [W7] Mw 100 - 0 MaL

  2. Chéron

    [W3] Mw 369 - 363 Dz [✓]

    updated with results
  3. Chéron

    [W3] Mw 369 - 363 Dz [✓]

    We might not have gotten a single blue but atleast we ended with a result that has 69 in it. GGs
  4. Chéron

    Invite Only Mw

    unironically cringe, please stop
  5. Chéron

    Invite Only Mw

  6. Chéron

    MKW Lounge & Pedophiles

    You have my permission. Couldnt have said any of this better myself. Not blaming the one who came up with this too much, but something couldve been ensured that all of lounge staff knew about this (which was not the case). This thread is how i found out about it.
  7. Chéron

    7UP - 7UP

    Team Name: 7UP Team Tag: 7UP Team MKB Thread: https://mariokartboards.com/threads/7up.4964/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Chéron (Chéron#8132), Barney (barney#9384) and Leops (o1#3978) Number of players (estimate): 14 Main time zone(s) and/or country: CET
  8. Chéron

    [Elite Cup S1] Clan Confirmations

    7UP will play
  9. Chéron

    Invite Only 7UP

    barney chéron denmark leops kasper fox sean xander kyon luke marky ryan shamron shawn we apparently needed a thread for el cup
  10. Chéron

    Invite Only Mw

    GG's good thing we have god carry leops
  11. Chéron

    Regarding The Recent Bans, Removal of Staff, and The Site's Future

    I guess I wont be able to connect to Wiimmfi anytime soon after having said that shit
  12. Chéron

    [MKW] I am looking for a clan / My clan needs members

    Guess im looking for a wl team. Will only be able to play from mid to late season however. D1 is preferred.
  13. Chéron

    [W2] APE 420 - Mw 312

    Kasper played, not me
  14. Chéron

    [W9] &_) 427-305 Bc

    unusually quiet on this bc match thread
  15. Chéron

    [W5] Mw 378 - 354 Vawoo

    was entertaining to watch
  16. Chéron

    [W4] LoRD 370 - 362 mpjbd

    3 96's? almost as good as 3 69's
  17. Chéron

    [W3] Mw 430 - 232 Ls

    I thought that me hitting a crate and falling off in first on tf lap 3 would be the biggest bummer of this war but it didnt take long for someone to correct me on that
  18. Chéron

    [W1] Mw 375 - 357 SY

    3-400 events in lounge is quite a lot in my book, but suit yourself. ill not argue over the second thing you said since its your word against words of others and there are not way to check it now since old mkb is dead (not even mentioning thats the argument wont end in anything anyway). cheers