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Search results

  1. christan

    [W10] EM 351 - 381 MEGA

    GGs to EM and D2, was a fun season.
  2. christan

    [W9] Mogi 284 - 354 MEGA [✔]

    4v5 all war. Edge dc'd during race 8. There is an extra point for GP2 for some reason, I took one point way from Jiren. GGs!
  3. christan

    [W7] λ7 332 - 400 MEGA [✔]

    Quite a few races were all-run towards the end, hence the weird bagger points. GGs!
  4. christan

    [W5] MEGA 322 - 410 EM [✔]

    Jiren ran the last 3 races. Suicide ruleset. GGs!
  5. christan

    [W4] MEGA 367 - 365 Mogi [✓]

    Trolling ruleset. My excuses for my lag throughout the war. GGs!
  6. christan

    [W9] R- 100 - 0 FL

    This match has yet to be carried out, but for now, we will be claiming a free win unless FL can manage to gather a LU until this Saturday. Originally we were going to play at default, however, due to the 3v3 lounge FFA, no match was played. (Remake had 5 for before and after the FFA). We were...
  7. christan

    [W8] R- 377 - 355 MV

    Lion DC'd during race 9, we asked for a reset. Lion changed his mii inbetween. GGs!
  8. christan

    [W7] R- 395 - 337 EXO

    Aruba subbed Savannah after GP2. Kevin DC'd during race 9, and we asked for a reset. Aruba went forward from race 10 and onward, and Lion followed. GGs!
  9. christan

    [W4] R- 316 - δk 416

    Lion had to go after GP1, we subbed in Ardit. Markus and Kevin played via splitscreen, the necessary proof has been provided in the Wiimmfi League Discord server. GGs!
  10. christan

    [W3] R- 382 - 330 I$

  11. christan

    Not Recruiting Die ApoRed Eliten #FiR

    FL wurde nicht rasiert die haben uns rasiert s11 d3 champs trust me
  12. christan

    [QF] æ 383 - 349 Rc

    Delecto's disc drive froze up after race 1, so we reset and subbed in Puya. Someone had IIB on and bagger points were screwed with pretty hard, so the scores might be wrong. GGs!
  13. christan

    [W1] R- 356 - MV 376

    Leo was 'unable to play' after race 11, so we reset and subbed in Lion, he bagged that one race instead of Kevin. GGs!