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  1. christan

    Let's Talk About the Future of 5v5

    I got to play this format twice today, both times with different baggers and against different teams. The first war was against a team of a lower skill level, and with a bagger that had a lot more experience with bagging than trolling. Our bagger said that he enjoyed this format quite a bit...
  2. christan

    [W10] EM 351 - 381 MEGA

    who's easy now
  3. christan

    [W10] EM 351 - 381 MEGA

    we played finals early season's over guys gg
  4. christan

    [W10] EM 351 - 381 MEGA

    GGs to EM and D2, was a fun season.
  5. christan

    [W9] Mogi 284 - 354 MEGA [✔]

    4v5 all war. Edge dc'd during race 8. There is an extra point for GP2 for some reason, I took one point way from Jiren. GGs!
  6. christan

    Shroomless Top 10s

    mind changing this to Christan instead?
  7. christan

    Selectively Recruiting Team MEGA

    [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  8. christan

    [W7] λ7 332 - 400 MEGA [✔]

    I got lagged on TF by TF4Life: Awaiting verdict
  9. christan

    [W7] λ7 332 - 400 MEGA [✔]

    Quite a few races were all-run towards the end, hence the weird bagger points. GGs!
  10. christan

    [W6] CS 427 - 305 MEGA [✔]

    ggs only edit: you flipped mine and cam's gp2 scores
  11. christan

    [W5] MEGA 322 - 410 EM [✔]

    Jiren ran the last 3 races. Suicide ruleset. GGs!
  12. christan

    [W4] MEGA 367 - 365 Mogi [✓]

    Trolling ruleset. My excuses for my lag throughout the war. GGs!
  13. christan

    Mario Kart Tour Discussion

    she has a 1% chance in the current event
  14. christan

    Quacker Top 10

    this one's actually quite fun ngl
  15. christan

    Quacker Top 10

    im sure you understand by now