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  1. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  2. shoeguy


    Hey, you were playing in worldwides / a froom with some 7k members earlier today right? 7k has a pretty big discord server with about 75 people in it that all are interested in or use karts, and people worldwide pretty regularly there while only using karts as I'm sure you've seen before. If...
  3. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  4. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  5. shoeguy

    Referee/Judge Maq

  6. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  7. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  8. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  9. shoeguy

    Best-looking Miis/Mii Names

    this is not a nickname also for my own personal opinion, Maq clearly has the best looking nickname in the community, and it is no contest. anyone who disagrees has less brain cells than i do.
  10. shoeguy

    Recruiting Nordic (NØR) now recruiting!!!

    might i suggest recruiting some nordic players
  11. shoeguy

    Which are the ten hardest shortcuts (excluding glitches mentioned below) to pull off in your opinion?

    1) DDR ultra (TT method, not the online method with a golden) 2) GV rock hop (no stop) 3) BCWii glitch 4) BC3 ultra 5) BC3 regular cut 6) MG gap jump 7) DKS double 8) ... 9) ... 10) ... 1 is hardest on this list, 7 is easiest on this list i could only think of 7 that i fail more often than...
  12. shoeguy

    Games you're currently playing

    MKW (for about another week, then I'm on another 3+ month hiatus for uni) osu! Bad Eggs 2 occasionally with the RS gang
  13. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

    did darth vader get coal for christmas again yesterday?
  14. shoeguy

    My thoughts on the current state of the MKW Community

    Not that you give a shit about my opinions, but once every 3 months I like to make these types of posts anyway. State of the community threads aren't bad, but when users affiliated with and participating in what could be seen as "trolling" the forum repeatedly with the aforementioned joke...
  15. shoeguy

    Recruiting Quinτessence

    shoutouts to raby for going kart GP7 when we were 3 points behind first place
  16. shoeguy

    Let's Talk About the Future of 5v5

    Eh, before 30 seconds yeah, but there's only certain tracks where you absolutely have to hit boxes before 30 seconds (rDS to name one example, where I would say pulling bill is more unfun because you kind of auto lose the bagging war on this track at that point). Personally pulling bill in 10th...
  17. shoeguy

    Invite Only Resurrection - RS

  18. shoeguy

    Division 4 - Standings & Schedule

    hey thanks for being the div admin but uh maybe white text on yellow doesnt work super well
  19. shoeguy

    Let's Talk About the Future of 5v5

    Why can't we ban shock for certain formats exactly? It isn't like it would be a mandatory thing lol, if teams want to play trolling no shock or shockless, they should have the option to