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  1. Gerogio

    Arvos 4.5k likes

    Hello everybody, Arvo Koskikalio has achieved 4.5k likes, 3k more than 2nd place. I think it would be a great idea if the forums awarded such a quality poster with forums role or some sort or maybe have one for the top5 best posters. Arvo would be very deserving of this, living in the Finnish...
  2. Gerogio

    GAMT Clash of Clans

    If any non librarians want to join then request.
  3. Gerogio

    A night out with Senor Koskikalio

    So i showed up in Helsinki and to meet good old Koskikalio. We went out on the sesh ofc. Firstly we got kicked out like 5 places because we didnt have coats and Finland is literally BTEC FC. Finally we got let into the worst club in Helsinki that even top shagger Rizyg whoes only 18 could have...
  4. Gerogio

    Deletion of threads/posts

    Considering how inactive this forum is becoming i don't see why threads and posts are constantly getting deleted as well as threads being locked very quickly. Today I posted this thread for example. Considering Viktor got a 4 week wiimmfi ban for this which imo is an absolute piss take and a...
  5. Gerogio

    [W10] IF 383-349 mpjbd

    I was asked to make thread, ggs both teams
  6. Gerogio

    [W1] sop 314-418 GOMT ✓

  7. Gerogio

    [W1] GAMT 385-347 Dz

  8. Gerogio

    [SF] GAMT 1-2 SY

    Match 1: Match 2: Match 3: GG's well played and GL in final.
  9. Gerogio

    [W4] GOMT 358-374 Bo

  10. Gerogio

    [W4] GAMT 385-347 SY

  11. Gerogio

    [W3] GAMT 167-138 Λν

    Tracks played: rBC, DDR, KC, rDKM, rWS Zesti had to go and they did not want to continue 4v5 with me hosting due to lag issues, we did try a different host but one of our players could not join, they asked to postpone the match and we agreed on this: So we will attempt to find a time to get...
  12. Gerogio

    [LF] GAMT 382-350 k's ✓

  13. Gerogio

    Ante Rebic the legend himself

    One of my favourite players, Rebic rose to fame at Eintracht frankfurt and was a key part of Croatia's 2018 world cup campaign. A true hero and a fox in the box, Rebic averages a goal every 500 minutes. Who is your favourite player?
  14. Gerogio

    [LB2] GAMT 389-343 Mo ✓

    A selection of pics
  15. Gerogio

    Trolling wars

    None of our players lag! Gerogio#1344
  16. Gerogio

    [W10] GAMT 388-344 MV ✓

    Other stuff:
  17. Gerogio

    [W9] GAMT 358-374 k's ✓

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/508677076987936789/508703503250882560/image0.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/269595745429094400/508698995749683200/image0.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/269595745429094400/508694603264688139/image0.jpg...
  18. Gerogio

    GOMT - George, Arvo, Mark, Toad 2

    Team Name: George, Arvo, Mark, Toad 2 Team Tag: GOMT Team MKB Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/gamt-george-arvo-mark-toad.104/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Arvo (Arvo#6376), Gerogio#1344, and Marky#2841 Number of players (estimate): ~11 Main...
  19. Gerogio

    GAMT - George, Arvo, Mark, Toad

    Team Name: George, Arvo, Mark, Toad Team Tag: GAMT Team Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/gamt-george-arvo-mark-toad.104/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Gerogio (Gerogio#1344) and Mark (Marky#2841) Number of players (estimate): ~11 Main time...
  20. Gerogio

    [W5] Ap 315-417 GAMT ✓