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  1. Natsumi

    Social Media / Writers Natsu

    Hello my name is Natsu I would like to be part of the MKPS staff as writers to write articles on the teams and to review on the weekend of regular and custom track matches of the WL and EL I am interested in the fact of being able to give the info of what is happening in each div for people who...
  2. Natsumi

    Invite Only Team BF

    8w :flagAU: artryuももち :flagJP: Ast :flagJP: Damian :flagVE: Delicious :flagJP: Endo :flagJP: Ethan :flagCA: Wi :flagJP: Kei :flagJP: Rainbow :flagJP: Seira :flagKR: Gabriel :flagMX: Yuumari :flagJP: Fu :flagJP: Natsu :flagFR: かぷりん :flagJP: は :flagJP: るきう :flagJP: 倭国民orimonoman :flagJP: 露草 :flagJP:
  3. Natsumi

    Recruiting ηє - Nova Eclipse

    Aure :flagFR: Cob :flagFR: Flow :flagFR: Swift :flagFR: Emil :flagDE: Leon :flagDE: Lewis :flagUK: Season :flagUK: Natsu :flagDK: Døc :flagHR: Ruki :flagJP: Synthetic :flagCA: Bate :flagFR: Dawn :flagUS: MJ :flagUS: Yuri :flagFR: Whippy :flagUS: Public Server:https://discord.gg/ZH6AWum...
  4. Natsumi


    ~ Social~ Discord:Natsu#6288 Tiwtter:natsu_mkw youtube:Natsumi ~MK7 History~ :flagFR:ACX:13 august 2016-24 october 2017 :flagUS:VK:23 june 2019-now :flagFR:/:flagBE:Z:27 jun 2019-now ~MK8D History~ :flagFR:wf13 june 2017-25...
  5. Natsumi

    [M1] JPN vs USA

  6. Natsumi

    [DF] BEn vs JPN

    0-75 Free win for japan
  7. Natsumi

    [DF] USA vs GER

  8. Natsumi

    [W6] Vk vs Ac

    0 - 75
  9. Natsumi

    [W6] Rsi2 235 - 228 Ksm

  10. Natsumi

    [GA] UK vs BEN

    Free win fot Benelux 0 - 75
  11. Natsumi

    Invite Only Z★ - Zestiria

    Alpha :flagFR: Bmence :flagBE:* Ethan :flagFR: Keste :flagFR:* Kleenex :flagFR: Leo :flagFR: Lun :flagFR: Meteor :flagFR: Natsu :flagDK:* Neemo :flagFR:* Sorata :flagFR:* Sarah :flagCA: Yacine :flagPK:* Winter :flagFR: Zyn :flagBE: *=ctgp
  12. Natsumi

    [GB] CAN vs GER

  13. Natsumi

    [GB] JPN vs FR

  14. Natsumi

    [GB] CAN vs JPN

  15. Natsumi

    [GA] UK vs USA

  16. Natsumi

    Standings and Schedule

    Division III
  17. Natsumi

    Not Recruiting Team France

    Earths :flagFR: Ethan :flagFR: Keste :flagFR: Lun :flagFR: Meteor :flagFR: Natsu :flagFR: Neemo :flagFR: sun :flagFR: Trial: Oxygen:flagFR: Zekirio :flagFR: War record: 1 - 0 - 4 World cup record: 1 - 0 - 3
  18. Natsumi

    [W6] DF 232 - 236 Sw

  19. Natsumi

    Summer League Discord

    The summer league wa create by K24 leader of Ksm we have actually 3 division the formats will be maybe change but if you want registed os join a team all pas on this server Link: https://discord.gg/XzEBGa4
  20. Natsumi

    [GB] FR vs GER