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  1. paul.

    MKPS Group Stage Predictions

    Group A Phantasmagoria Charged Brigade Blue Thunder Green My Choppa Go Contingency Cash Up Group B Ethereal Team MV Apocalypse 2 Lightspeed Blue Thunder Blue Astronomical Group C 7UP Moonblast Maximum Likehood Team GUN Team APE Hispania Group D WollywogZ Infinite Managanese Ascension...
  2. paul.

    Invite Only GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

  3. paul.

    MKPS Team Representatives Submissions Thread

    Moonblast Jos | Jos#4225 taz | taz#1866 paul | paul ♕#5760
  4. paul.

    [S17] CT Preliminary Seedings

    same with leops in GX last season of wl, he played 5 games and they couldnt make playoffs cuz without him they lost every match by like 80+
  5. paul.

    Invite Only Mo - Moonblast

  6. paul.

    Selectively Recruiting Ast - Astronomical

    nice to see Astralis also have a mkw team now
  7. paul.

    Recruiting Quinτessence

  8. paul.

    avermedia lgp lite stopped working

    Just use recentral
  9. paul.

    [GF] Dαιsγ 1 - 1 I$

    Waiting for the thread to get closed
  10. paul.

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    looking for a team to play wl with/for paul ♕#5760
  11. paul.

    Exalt II 2020

    when was that tho and what was the poll made for then
  12. paul.

    Exalt II 2020

    Will there also be a Euro LAN
  13. paul.

    [GF] CS 0 - 2 EM

    Choke Stallion
  14. paul.

    Who has improved the most this year?

    british sal jeenu (regs)
  15. paul.

    [W10] nx 392 - 342 Rc [✔]

    https://gyazo.com/93c0f66d01d8c25a8718b05658da96b9 another clip of gumi lagging me, this time on dkjp and its not corrected on table jos couldnt make a better clip
  16. paul.

    [W10] nx 392 - 342 Rc [✔]

    https://gyazo.com/25a79e61c7cc03bf470f196e27eb1f08 clip of the lag on dkm
  17. paul.

    Games you're currently playing

    ET (Atari) Candy Crush Wii Fit
  18. paul.

    [W7] Ap 341 - 391 Rc [✔]

    you mvped by 5 matt
  19. paul.

    Invite Only [W] - Cammy Flanders and his TT Friends

    yeah because they have arvo
  20. paul.


    can 5v5