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  1. Sky9

    Referee/Judge Sky9

    On EL the council currently and I feel that using my experience that I've gained with helping with EL as a whole and with the council I can help give out the appropriate penalties where they need to be given. If any scheduling problems happen I will try my best to help solve them. My activity...
  2. Sky9

    [W6] λρ 367 - I$ 355 [✔]

    WE ARE GETTING THE FUCKING PAYCHECK BOYS https://i.gyazo.com/5854545d844dca69b2a9c487f70c5329.gif GGs! I was the shock
  3. Sky9

    Bagging Strats Tutorial

    What's going on people it's Sky9 here and today I'm going to be showing you some helpful bagging strats. Keep in mind I'm not the greatest bagger in the world but, hopefully these strats can help you out in matches. These are the bagging strats that I find most helpful in every match I play...
  4. Sky9

    [W4] λρ 392 - beyblade 340 [✔]

    Notes and stuff GGs! beyblade see you Week 9 My wallet is done for Cobra after he doesn't get his paycheck from Smoke
  5. Sky9

    [W3] Nx 330 - λρ 402 [✔]

    GemZ table GGs! see you Week 8
  6. Sky9

    [W10] λρ 100 - k`s 0 ✓

    :50 passed they only had 3 we had 5
  7. Sky9

    [W8] λρ 340 - sσρ 353 ✓

    Notes 4v5 first Gp Spade came in from team 2 Tom could not finish and insane subbed him Trying to find the race pascal dced but he gets 24 dced on 20 race 3 gets 23 ik the table is wrong now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Pascal got 23 not 24 ok update to that update table is fixed good table skill Sky9 How...
  8. Sky9

    [LR1] Ap 100 - 0 S♪ ✓

    Symphony drop
  9. Sky9

    [W6] λρ 100 - 0 ae ✓

    Happy 4th Smoke got drunk @Niko beat you to it hahaha
  10. Sky9

    Fixing the bike visor to be a different color

    What I mean How to fix you will need brawlbox that is the only thing you will need to fix the problem which can be found here https://github.com/libertyernie/brawltools/releases Step 1 Open the file you want to edit in brawlbox for this explain I'm going to go with My Apocalypse bike texture...
  11. Sky9

    [W2] λρ 359 - RS 373 ✓

    GGs! see you week 7
  12. Sky9

    [W6] CM 0 - λρ 100

    Déjà vu anyone? Roses are red Violets are blue Where is CM I can't find you
  13. Sky9

    [W9] sσρ 100 - ckc 0

  14. Sky9

    [W7] λρ2 380 - Young 353 ✓

    Notes GGs! Team Young and GL with the rest of your matches
  15. Sky9

    [W5] sσρ 385 - 347 1373

    Notes GGs! 1373 see you Week 10
  16. Sky9

    [W4] λρ2 394 - Bc 334 ✓

    Notes- GGs! Bc see you Week 9
  17. Sky9

    [W2] Young 312 - λρ 418 ✓

    Notes- GGs! Team Young see you Week 7 Sick plays below
  18. Sky9

    [W1] sσρ 380 - Lord 354

    Notes GGs! Lord see you Week 6
  19. Sky9

    [W1] λρ2 384 - IF 348 ✓

    Notes GGs! to IF see you week 6 Camelot "DKS DKS DKS Dickheads Dickheads" Chillz "Sky9th it" Sky9 I got the shock in 9th Lucas I'm playing on hotspot Jaden is the G.O.A.T. Smoke I need my money for the team textures thanks
  20. Sky9

    [QF] sσρ2 370 - JFK 363

    GGs! To JFK Raptor made the cup layout not me but the good news is I will make it next week Go Sop