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    avermedia lgp lite stopped working

    I was just playing a mogi when i realised that the image on obs was stuck. I then realised that the light of the capture card was flashing blue instead of being continuous. I've already tried reinstalling drivers but the problem persists. Anyone has got any idea of what it could be?
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    [W7] k's 0 - 100 XK [✓]

  3. s'


    Clan Name: XK Clan Tag: XK Clan Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/xk.4240/ Leader(s) with contact information: Sal (Sal#6283), Jadid (Jadid#3892), zatlo (zatlo#0388) Number of players (estimate): 8-12 Main time zone(s) and/or country: GMT +1, Italy
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    Invite Only XK

    :flagIT: Sal :flagIT: zatlo :flagIT: Kyon :flagIT: Jadid :flagIT: Oscar :flagIT: Nico :flagIT: Galla :flagIT: Pietro :flagES: Francis :flagUK: Ben :flagUS: Sky9 :flagUS: Trap we play cts only
  5. s'

    Council Sal

    1) Sal, applying for council 2) none except discussing with other people about how things should be structured, troll penalties etc. 3) 10/10 in eu friendly times but don't ever except me to be online during the night 4) Sal#6283 on discord
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    [W6] kn 100 - 0 VB

    they only got 3 in the room after waiting 30 minutes
  7. s'

    APE FantaWL S15

    i've always wanted to do one of these, since it's getting popular now other people agreed to do one in team ape player picking worked a bit different than other fantasy wls, instead of just picking someone, everyone started with 500 coins and i called every single player registered for this...
  8. s'

    Why the CTWL format needs to change + New format proposal

    Since last season, CTWL has changed drastically from what it used to be. For 10 seasons you could've picked any track from the ones in the pack, with the exception of few banned tracks, or sometimes new tracks that were added too recently from the date of the match. During these 10 seasons, very...
  9. s'

    Sal's Music Pack

    warning: there might be some distortions here and there, that i couldn't hear on audacity but i ended up hearing some AFTER i finished everything when i was checking stuff on brawlbox, but you shouldn't be able to hear any ingame also, the songs used might not necessarily fit with the track...
  10. s'

    revo_kart ; n_BossMI

    I need some help on how to edit the bgm of when you're online (ex. : when you're waiting in a room, when you've just joined a worldwide and you're still waiting for players to show up) and when you're choosing a track online. Also for some reason n_BossMI (lap1 & 2 of SADX Twinkle Circuit)...
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    Invite Only NoHope | NH

    Sal :flagIT: Kyon :flagIT: Dalkir :flagCH: paul :flagDE: Jos :flagUK: taz :flagUK: Klyne :flagUK: Online :flagUK: pumaX :flagFI: Mark :flagDK: Viktor :flagSE: We are a sub-clan that only plays at european times. War Record: 18 - 1 - 7