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  1. Monyz

    Summer Split - Team Confirmations

    i'm going to force my self in every lu of L7 in mkps summer split Edit: and run
  2. Monyz

    JKMN - Parasites (First MKWii Community Full-Length Music Project)

    I'm the monkey in that tows song
  3. Monyz

    Celestial League S1 Team Confirmations

    kaisers will play CL s1
  4. Monyz

    MarioKartBoards × BrookLAN FFA Tournament | Sunday, July 5th, 2020

    L7 Monyz 2540-0332-8006 Can host Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938
  5. Monyz


  6. Monyz


    MKPS Tournament #2
  7. Monyz

    Recruiting Kaisers

    this statement is false. Both Josh and IRC are dummies for counting this since espeon didn't do any ban strats
  8. Monyz

    MKPS Tournament #2

    L7 | L7 | british#2886 Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938
  9. Monyz


    MKPS Tournament #1
  10. Monyz

    MKPS Tournament #1

  11. Monyz


    L7 L7 https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/l7.7348/ 12 Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938 BST/GMT
  12. Monyz


    :flagUK: British :flagUS: Brody :flagFR: Demon :flagCA: Elec :flagUS: Erratic :flagUK: Jack :flagNL: Jeroen :flagNL: Korra :flagPT: Monyz :flagUS: Revan :flagFR: Swift :flagCA: Zesti MKPS only team Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938
  13. Monyz

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

  14. Monyz

    MKPS Tournament #1

    L7 | L7 | Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938
  15. Monyz

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Kaisers are looking for new players for mkps. We are looking for mid-high level players that are looking to improve as a team for league and to mess up around in chat. Dm Nathaniel Higgerson the 5stnd#4938 for trial
  16. Monyz

    [LF] k`s 2 - 0 Cy

    Why can I not have my few mins of fame for getting 3rd place on the losers bracket of mkps. And outscoring WOR Demon
  17. Monyz

    [LF] k`s 2 - 0 Cy

    they weren't able to play match 2
  18. Monyz

    [SF] k`s 0 - 2 Nt

    ggs Nightfall really close match and @calvin imma copyright strike u for stealing my content on twitter :sneaky::p
  19. Monyz

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Kaisers is looking for a dedicated bagger to play with us. Preferably with experience but that isn't an issue. I'm willing to teach all the strats and mind games behind the scenes and make you one of the best baggers. If you are new to the community and want to get to the competitive scene this...
  20. Monyz

    [W7] k`s 356 - 364 Rc [✔]

    suicide we were up 8 and threw it away last race props for british dermo elec for casting games