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  1. Daviid

    Season 15 - Preliminary Seedings

  2. Daviid


  3. Daviid

    Underrated players

    @Rock Dude
  4. Daviid


  5. Daviid

    Give a Shout-Out to...

    @Scott Barnes and @Inami Mahiro my Hero
  6. Daviid

    [MKW] Holiday 2v2 FFA | Sunday, December 16 (Hosted by MarioKartBoards.com)

    I$ Kiralte 0392-5499-9455 I$ Daviid 1681-0410-1038
  7. Daviid

    YT YouTuber MKW Clan

  8. Daviid

    Ante Rebic the legend himself

    Rock Dude
  9. Daviid

    Underrated players

    Simo beat all CPU's in GP Mode with at least a B overall :sunglasses:
  10. Daviid

    Underrated players

    Right, i forgot @Kawaboy458 and @Maxo
  11. Daviid

    Give a Shout-Out to...

    @Charge @Kiralte @Niko @neo @Phil @francismkw @rikα @Rentorar @Camelot @Rock Dude @Jade @Under @KevinGER @Ultra Jiren @Espeon @President Evil @tyler @L l o y d @Jed @Fred Mkwii @Gerogio @Arvo57 @StormWheel @Miku MK @The whole I$ krew And ofc @Scott Barnes Edit : @simo...
  12. Daviid

    Underrated players

    Lets go boys
  13. Daviid

    Underrated players

    @Kiralte Overrated: @Charge
  14. Daviid

    [Loser's Finals] MV2 389 - 343 GOMT

    Omg lit lmao <33 We won't, we got this man , we will try our best C: EDIT: 1 Like = 1 shock 1 tag = 1 baggerpt
  15. Daviid

    [W10 Play-offs Winners Bracket] I$ 387 - 345 GAMT

    ^ @GAMT , better Ddos next time charge so he can't call indiv shocks
  16. Daviid

    [W10 Play-offs Winners Bracket] I$ 387 - 345 GAMT

    Yes! Hope we meet in finals, the matches vs GAMT always have been the most fun and intense :) Can relate bro LMAO
  17. Daviid

    [W10 Play-offs Winners Bracket] I$ 387 - 345 GAMT

    GGs GAMT , Fun match :) dcd 3 times rip :(
  18. Daviid

    [W9] GAMT 358-374 k's ✓

    Free Maxo