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  1. Gerogio

    Season 15 - Preliminary Seedings

  2. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

  3. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

    Are u ok mate?
  4. Gerogio

    [SF] GAMT 1-2 SY

    Just wasn't meant to be, proud of our team to be able to compete against strong opponents all season (ONLY ON UNCOMPETITIVE FORMAT THO!!). Couldn't ask for better people to play with. Expected to get 5th/6th and ended up making playoffs, not bad for a D5 clan. ps: As we were losing going into...
  5. Gerogio

    [SF] GAMT 1-2 SY

    Match 1: Match 2: Match 3: GG's well played and GL in final.
  6. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

    Well at least theres some activity on our thread now!
  7. Gerogio

    [W4] GOMT 358-374 Bo

    Me talking to Arvo after the war
  8. Gerogio

    [W4] GOMT 358-374 Bo

  9. Gerogio

    What's your ideal football line-up?

    Liverpool fan?
  10. Gerogio


    Looks like you missed one
  11. Gerogio


    trolling ON
  12. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

    Quality repping from myself and sharky
  13. Gerogio

    [W5] Psyduck 387 - 337 GOMT

  14. Gerogio

    [W5] Zy 367 - 365 GAMT

    9th place shock + DDR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :( GG's was a really fun match, at least we just needed bonus point because missing playoffs like that would have been horrible.
  15. Gerogio

    [W4] G7 458 - 274 EU ✓

    Le Rat causing chaos in the library GAMT casting replay: https://www.twitch.tv/gamtcasting/videos
  16. Gerogio

    [W4] GAMT 385-347 SY

    Library nonce
  17. Gerogio

    [W4] plant 437 - 295 Psyduck

    Congratulations Daragh on your 100 poin..oh nvm u bottled it
  18. Gerogio

    [W4] GAMT 385-347 SY

    Cheers Arvo
  19. Gerogio


  20. Gerogio

    [W4] Λν 400 - 332 βλ

    Where's Elfen :(