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  1. mephisto

    mephisto ApS-->UC

    hopefully this is the right move.
  2. mephisto

    [W4] nx 384 - 348 io ✅

    we dont have wimm pic, ill add gp3 later
  3. mephisto

    [W1] NaNa 355-377 CS

  4. mephisto

    Division 3 - Standing, Schedule, Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters
  5. mephisto

    [S2] Final Seedings

    This will be the final seedings, Good luck to all teams! Division 1 Airbound Apocalypse Butterfly effect Equipo Fenix Megavolt Into Oblivion Division 2 Team dts Yuuki Clan Blue Thunder Shadowplay Les Lions del Atlas Long Shaft University Division 3 Bibb Squad Contingency Vertigo Yuuki...
  6. mephisto

    Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters
  7. mephisto


    Hello everyone! my name is mephisto (okereke) and I will be your division admin for this season! any questions you can ping me on the discord server or you can send me a DM in discord at mephisto#0021 Hopefully we have a smooth season, best of luck to everyone!
  8. mephisto

    [S2] Preliminary Seedings

    CL S2 Preliminary Seedings Remember you still have until the 21st at 3 est pm to make any transfers/registrations Division 1: Airbound Apocalypse Butterfly effect Equipo Fenix Megavolt Into Oblivion Division 2: Team dts Yuuki Communist Party Blue Thunder Shadowplay Les Lions del Atlas Long...
  9. mephisto

    Season 1 Awards

    Ladies and gentlemen... the banners Division 2 Winners MVP Division 3 Winners MVP Division 4 Winners MVP Good job to everyone who participated No banners will be handed for Division 1 due to the lack of interest showed by the teams during the regular season
  10. mephisto

    Invite Only LG - Equipo Manin de los Guineos de PETROLIO

    we just wanna play CTL lul El Rey Guineo: Broly :flagCU: El Guineo Principe: Mephisto :flagMX: The Manines: Francis :flagES: Gumi :flagVE: Kyu :flagES: Lunehov :flagMX: Maik :flagPR: Miguelo :flagVE: Shiroe :flagAR: Spart :flagCA: Thunder :flagUS: The not-so manines/cones/afk Chateaux...
  11. mephisto

    [W6] HS 389-343 Ast

    GGs Ast, and ggs to the whole div!
  12. mephisto

    [W4] HSÑE 352-380 L

    [/SPOILER] GGs smooth war gl with the rest of the season
  13. mephisto

    [W5] HS 326-322 Cy

    -20 for us due to aleeex dcing as a host
  14. mephisto

    [W4] BR 303-381 Achuu

  15. mephisto

    [W3] HSÑE 340-392 PrS

    [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] [/spoiler]
  16. mephisto

    [W3] Ast 337 - HS 395

  17. mephisto

    [W3] Achuu 100 - 0 CyB

  18. mephisto

    [W2] BLR 367-355 Achuu

  19. mephisto

    [W2] Cy 316 - 320 HS