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Search results

  1. Jadid

    APE FantaWL S15

    You actually drop so you didn't win @Korra
  2. Jadid

    OOF Clan - Organization of Fast

  3. Jadid

    Mario Kart Wii 11th Anniversary FFA | Saturday April 20 (Hosted by MarioKartBoards.com)

    can we make a discord server?
  4. Jadid

    Link's CT TTs

    bagger tts
  5. Jadid

    Invite Only Star ¢lan - S¢

  6. Jadid

    Ezrek's absolute bullshit TTs

  7. Jadid

    Team Agricoltura

    no sense 3v3 mogi (we played as two teams but we lost against both teams anyways...) 5v4 Lory parent owned on r2 (and no subs), gp2 was 4v4 10 races (ig) parent owned again M5L W5 (we're on 5-0-0) GP3 ;( Unluckies war ever seen in a while... GGs all teams!
  8. Jadid

    [S3] Preliminary Seedings

    Seed A7 (rts) and k's (cts) if they want to, also #Unban4G7$K0
  9. Jadid

    APE FantaWL S15

    Congratulations to @Alex for Pro Piacenza's style
  10. Jadid

    Team APE

    Fixed war count again.. #578 #579 #580 WL D4 W10 suicide #581 #582 3v3 League W2 vs BBB #583 troll #584 #585 #586 #587 #588 #589 Arber = Maxx, Maxx = Arber #590 derby #591 WL D3 LB1
  11. Jadid

  12. Jadid

    Team Agricoltura

    Loyal leader 2v3 6 races Derbazzo M5L W4 GGs everyone
  13. Jadid

    [MKW] I am looking for a clan / My clan needs members

    He can dc aswell^ Looking for a ct clan/group to might play with in late eu zones
  14. Jadid

    VB -> F/A [CTs]

  15. Jadid

    [W7] R★ 377 - 355 VB

    right table for once
  16. Jadid

    m¢- milk company

    I call this 2v0
  17. Jadid

    [LR1] RS 444 - 289 APE

    ggs, i wish my bagger didn't wheelie bump me twice