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  1. Daviid

    Invite Only Mn - Mαngαnεsε

    I think there is a table missing :thinking:
  2. Daviid

    [W4] I$ 329 - 403 Ks

    gay war , every shock still loss >:( ggs ks
  3. Daviid

    Help with HD PVR2

    Maybe try to connect one of your devices via lan. Sometimes I got this error code too, but since I use lan AND WLAN I don't see any difficulties anymore. It's worth a shot ig.
  4. Daviid

    [W2] I$ 381 - 351 Mw

    pscl? What do u mean by that
  5. Daviid

    [W3] Lu2 374 - 358 I$2

    seems like I have to destroy some randoms week 6 ;) nice win ggs
  6. Daviid

    [W3] I$ 335 - 397 [V]

    Notes : -GGs Valhalla, very intense match. -Bagger pts are right on the pictures. -sadly we couldn´t hold up our break after gp1 - see you in week 6!
  7. Daviid

    I$ - In$ane

  8. Daviid

    I$ - In$ane

    Finally some action again 😉
  9. Daviid

    [W2] Str 387 - Nx 303

    u need 2 POVs to correct a lag
  10. Daviid

    [W2] æ 392 - 340 CM

    Fred hat alles gegeben!
  11. Daviid

    Potential Wiimmfi Modifications

    What about a option in the ctgp channel, where u can turn off items for friendrooms. for example : some people like shockless wars, they could turn off the shock. Or thunderclouds. maybe u can do a shroom - only war/froom. I think that would be a amazing feature for the future, and would open...
  12. Daviid

    [W1] nx 412 - DO 315

    Who let this man play in the lowest div
  13. Daviid

    [S3] Final Standings Predictions Thread

    Regular Tracks Division 1: Golden Mushroom wZ Daisy I$ SY Avail GUN V ok MVP : xcharge 60 Division 2: 1up Mushroom Strike from Above Fan Club Ap Rc1 RS ae CM MVP luca 43.5 Division 3: Super Mushroom I$ APE plantgang Rc2 BT k s Team vLarber Yax Family Mirymeg 38.4 Division4: Mini Mushroom...
  14. Daviid

    [S3] Team Representatives

  15. Daviid

    What Music are you listening to?

  16. Daviid

    [S3] Preliminary Seedings

    we transferred some randoms from the mk8dx modding lounge