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Search results

  1. Gerogio

    [WF] GAMT 403 - 329 Dz

    The most guten spielburg!
  2. Gerogio

    [W10] IF 383-349 mpjbd

    I was asked to make thread, ggs both teams
  3. Gerogio

    [W10] 1373 313 - 419 sop

    The best CT bagger in the world end of.
  4. Gerogio

    [W10] GOMT 462 - 262 Young ✓

    WAHEYYYYYYYYYYY 10-0 AND WE DONT EVEN TRY The rest of the division when they see the standings
  5. Gerogio

    [W9] GOMT 381 - 303 IF ✓

    What other 9-0 teams play the game once a week and make lus of whoever isn't going out and getting fucked up... Top work lads, koskikarwash man of the match
  6. Gerogio

    [W6] FL 335 - 377 GAMT

    Me when someone says Kevin isn't the best.
  7. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

    Your fucking terrible mate, you make Logan look like a d1 player
  8. Gerogio

    [W5] GAMT 161 - 51 oZ

    Yeah yeahhh likely story, we all know u are just saving your indivs by avoiding playing the harder teams so u don't score 70 ovr King of Kings more like King of Kantos
  9. Gerogio

    [W5] GOMT 439 - 286 Young ✓

    Arvo destroying young what's new?
  10. Gerogio

    [W5] GAMT 161 - 51 oZ

    You fucking useless cunts have absolutely ruined my fantasy team. Wankers..
  11. Gerogio

    [W4] GAMT 442 - 290 λρ

    The lads stopping me from putting trolling on
  12. Gerogio

    [W4] IF 323 - 409 GOMT ✓

    Doing md mate wbu
  13. Gerogio

    sσρ ~ Succeed or Perish

    can u delete your clan so @MikeV1 stops saying Succeed or Perish all the time, cheers geezers
  14. Gerogio

    GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad

  15. Gerogio

    [W3] IF 405- 327 young ✓

    Arvo is a nonce, he wears the nonces hat. And when he sees team young, he says let's join that.
  16. Gerogio

    [W3] MV 318 - 393 GAMT

    Seems a bit unfair to give a trolling penalty in a trolling war?? GAMT won so it must have been trolling right?
  17. Gerogio

    [W3] MV 318 - 393 GAMT

    Worth staying up to 4am to see the most guten of performances from the best player in the world
  18. Gerogio

    [GF] R- 2 - 1 G7

  19. Gerogio

    [W2] GAMT 411 - 321 EXO

    Get in lads