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ARC - Arcadia

Jun 24, 2018
Ontario, Canada
Sky A1 vs. Divine Phoeniz

Sky A2 vs. Zealous

Sky A3 vs. Magikart Community Aloha

Sky A4 vs. Vertex

A5 Sky vs. Melee X

AB6 Sky vs. High Definition

Sky AB7 vs. World Friend Star

Sky AB8 vs. DirtMK White

Terra B1 vs. Magikart Community Beta

Terra B2 vs. Sincerely Yours

Terra B3 vs. Final Emblem

Terra B4 vs. Black Wolves

B5 vs. Dynamite Omega

AB6 Terra vs. Pirates of Duisburg

Terra AB7 vs. Team Rocket

Terra AB8 vs. DirtMK Black

America's Cup
G1 vs. Fenix

G2 vs. Inflow


#733 vs. Team K8

#734 vs. Shells from hell

#735 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#736 vs. Renegades

#737 vs. HyperGentuza

#738 vs. Mushroom Team

#739 vs. Team Chile

#740 vs. Aesthetic Thunderbolt

#741 vs. Wii Elite Clan

#742 vs. Team Chile

#743 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#744 vs. Aurora


#745 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#746 vs. Inflow

#747 vs. World Friend

#748 vs. Jean-Pierre Pernaut

#749 vs. Shells from Hell


#750 vs. Aurora

#751 vs. Vertex

#752 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#753 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#754 vs. DirtMK

#755 vs. DirtMK

#756 vs. Mushroom Team

#757 vs. Fenix

#758 vs. Rozando la Katastrofe

#759 vs. Mushroom Team

#760 vs. Mushroom Team

#761 vs. Horizon

#762 vs. Blizzard

#763 vs. Pirate Hackers
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