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Broken Quackers 2v2 FFA

Aug 7, 2018
Broken Quackers
Ran by a small boy knew as volt

  • Time: 11:00 am PDT. Oct 27, 2018

  • Format: 2v2v2v2v2v2

  • Type: Manual Drift with Quacker Vehicles

  • Registration deadline: Oct 24, 2018

  • Maximum Duos: 36 (72 players)

The server is https://discord.gg/3Ed2uF4.

The reward for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are some pointless banners to brag about.

Example for signing up on here (and only here you can sign up, you may post for your partner as well)

Name: volt
The name you will use in the tourney: v0lt
FC: 1034-8675-7876
Source: volt#5008 on Discord
Description: can not host cause of bad wifi, but can record and make tables.

Name: hooman been
The name you will use in the tourney: t0es
FC: 1987-0129-8924
Source: eeefer#9145 on Discord
Description: can host only

Your registration needs to have (* means need to have)
*The name you will use in the tourney:

1. Cheating
Hacking except the host can use 150cc only hacks if they would like and use mii hacks (showing miis on the minimap). Any hackers will get their poop shoved back up their butt and their partner will get disqualified unless there are tournaments subs that can help. And texture packs are also allowed and anything that is only for the looks of your game are allowed. Banned members from WL and mogi may not participate in this tournament.

2. Disconnections:
If more than 3 people disconnect, the room will restart. The room has 2 tries to restart. On the second try, no matter how many people disconnect, the round will continue.

3. Rooms:
If the round starts at 12:30, then players must join by 12:40.
The host must open the room 15 minutes after the tournament starts
Rooms are made randomly. Proof of randomized rooms will be provided. You have 15 minutes to join the room. The penalty will be -7 points per minute you have not joined. There are 2 GPs for every round.

4. Results:
When the round is done, pictures of the result must be sent to the chosen discord channel.
The top 3 teams of each room will be advanced to the next round (no matter how many people are playing) while 4rd place and below will be eliminated.
In the event that there is a tie for 3rd, a one race tiebreaker will be played, and the winning team of said tiebreaker advances.
Once a team is eliminated, the players cannot take part in this tournament again, unless they can tournament sub.

5. Glitching:
The only glitches allowed in this tournament are the following:
Grumble Volcano rockhop and respawn glitch
GBA Bowser Castle 3 ultra shortcut
Bowser's Castle ultra shortcut
A glitch that is not allowed will be -100 points

Any questions will be sent to volt#5008 on discord
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