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can we please view attached files at a proper resolution without having to log in?


New member
Jun 25, 2018
gensokyo is cool
k`s gays
imagine paying

i basically dont want to see this kind of bullshit. it was like this on the previous mkboards, but it makes no sense since images sent thru their url (like this image of d1 standings) work just fine. the main reason i bring this up is because other forums that use the same xenforo 2.0 layout or w/e version this is allow lurkers not logged in to view attached images at whatever resolution they were posted. what if random lurkers that just found the board want to look at tables and/or are interested in league charts but they cant view them properly without having to create an account, its an unnecessary step just to look at an image. obviously someone would say just tell the person making the post to link by image location, but i think thats unreasonable to ask for everyone posting images.
in conclusion just make images appear bigger for unlogged users cuz most of us viewing arent ants.

edit: reuploaded image
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