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Referee/Judge CC


I'm super cute. My friends all say so~
MKPS Staff
WL Staff
Aug 12, 2018
Hello! My name is CC, I used to go by Extream and Xeno in the past.

I want to apply for Referee because I'm looking to contribute to the new league as it looks like this will be a great direction for the future of the game. I recently joined the WL council and I thought I could contribute on the other track format too. I already have some experience on CSL/WL staff, being a division admin for a few seasons as well as being on council from the pre-season up until season 7 I believe, not too sure. Currently I'm not playing for any MKPS teams, so if bias is a major concern among staff members, I basically have none coming in.

If there's no room for more referees, I'm also interested in the social media/writing position as well. I think having more easily accessible posts and information would help all across the board, and I like to consider myself a pretty good writer.

Thanks for reading this short application, my Discord is CC#2201 if you'd like to contact me.