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MKW Christan


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Jul 15, 2018
I was inspired to make this thread by Shix, his thread is a nice read if you've played this game for a long time, definitely check it out if you can.

I too would like to use my thread to document my history of playing this game. I used to have a friend roster thread with a few people from aboo on the old site, though that didn't have much effort put into it at all, and it isn't anywhere to be found anymore.

This is my current, and most likely final friend roster, a mixture of people I currently play with, and used to play with as far back as 2012 that I never removed for personal reasons. It is in order of appearance in-game.


In the times of WFC, I only played casually until the summer of 2012. That is when I met a dear friend of mine that I still talk to today. He introduced me to my first clan, to Skype, and the community in general. I would play with him actively until the end of 2013, which is when he decided to move on to other games. In my time playing with him, I met many different people, some of which I still talk to to this day, most notably Lucas, Owen and Ivar. With them I played in a community-clan called Happiness. We would play a few hundred wars in the last year of Mario Kart Wii's official lifespan. Many of my friends decided to stop playing when the servers shut down, and so did I. I was going to participate in the last season of IL, but never did, and therewith quit playing without having ever taken part in a league.

However, for a reason I do not remember, I decided to return one day. Simon, who I had met and played with in Ha, had been running a clan since the shutdown called The Survivors, and he invited me to join. Quickly, he reintroduced me to the scene, and had me sign up for CSL. It started soon after I returned, so I was put on The Survivor's second team.

I was invited to play for Team Netherlands to play in the 2015 edition of MKWC. Sadly, I couldn't find a graphic with results. I do know that we only ended up winning one match in our group, beating out Belgium.

I remained signed to Su for the next season, but I did not play.

I would move on to be registered for KP's Crossfire mid-way through the next season. I only ended up playing one match, which was plagued with disconnections from my side, but it was nice to play alongside the XF roster, which consisted of people that I had become friends with a few months prior.

I do not remember much about the following season, however. All I know is that I went back to Su and played two matches.

I moved back to one of KP's teams for season 7. Again, I barely played, but we ended up winning the regular season, though we must've lost out against Unbroken in the play-offs.

I was invited once again to play for Team Netherlands in the 2016 edition of MKWC. We merged with Team Belgium to form Team Benelux. Once again, I couldn't find official results. However, if I remember correctly, we didn't win a single match, the only match I played was versus Team Italy, which was our closest match.

Season 8 is a different story. I had joined aboo in early 2016, and we decided to sign up for the recently renamed WL. My season with these guys was going to be my most active one, I ended up playing all GPs but one for the first half of the season. I was out of luck, howerver, as I couldn't find solutions for the issues that my new internet provider brought, and I was forced to quit in the middle of the season. It was my most enjoyable season yet, playing alongside a group of people that enjoyed playing with me as much as I enjoyed playing with them, to this day I am still sad that I couldn't finish the season with them.

I gave up on trying to fix my internet after some time, and thought I wouldn't ever play this game again. However, one day, Alex sent me a pm, asking to sign up for MLG, the ApoRed Elite (#FiR), to increase their chances of being seeded for season 11 of WL. I did, expecting not to play at all. However, shortly before the season started, I realized that I might be able to play on mobile hotspot. Usually I'd run into the 86420 error code, however, I didn't have trouble joining Hikaru's rooms, and so, I was a proper backup for the team going into the season. And it just so happened to be that Alex ran into connection issues first match of the season, and I would sub in to play 2 GPs of the match. I then went on to play every single match we played, completely washed up, as I had no practice outside of our actual matches. But we would go on to place second overall in the regular season, and beat M7 for a spot in the finals against D7. Sadly, we did not pull through to win it all, but it was my best season yet, with some amazing matches that Lloyd and I still reminisce over from time to time.

And that was it. MLG wasn't playing another season of WL, and I still didn't have a proper connection to play on. Again, I didn't think I'd ever play this game again. But as it turns out, I was wrong. At some point in early 2019, my dad and I reconfigured our internet connection and how it was set up, and I decided to try if it would let me play properly again, and it did. For a few weeks, I just time trialed and played a few worldwides, trying to stay away from playing this forsaken game actively again. But I gave in, and decided to see what this lounge thing was about that so many people had told me about since I had quit. Lloyd saw me playing and invited me to play with Remake, a clan with a few members that had also played WL with me for MLG.

While there, I met Luca, who invited me to play EL S3 with his team Atemberaubend. Though the season was a mess, it was fun to give playing leagues another shot again.

Much more important to me was my WL season with Remake. Seeded in division 2, we were off to a rough start, but managed to pick it back up and finish second in a very close conference. Near the end of the season I was performing better than I ever had before playing in a league, and although the play-offs were again a mess, we finished the season tied for first place with I$.

Sadly, Remake had started dying out mid-way through the season, and I had joined Slide's clan, Team MEGA earlier in the year. I had played alongside Slide in the WFC days, playing for Team Skiller, and in EL S3 for Atemberaubend. MEGA was very active and was going to take part in EL S4, for which I gladly signed up. We weren't as competitive as Remake, and more in it to play rather than to win, but we ended up playing one of the closest seasons I have ever seen, with almost every match being a nailbiter.

That concludes my participation in the various seasons and leagues over the years. I am glad to have won a banner, finally, even if it wasn't exactly in traditional fashion.

Here is a list of clans that I could think of that I have played for throughout my time in the community, most of which were not mentioned above, in semi-chronological order:

BD - Beyond
ED - Eternal Darkness
FL - Flash
DF - Delta Force
TSC - The Spongebob Club
CC - Cookie Club
Hα - Happiness
ωτ - Work Together
vR - I can not recall its name
Cτ - Clan Thunder
τs - Team Skiller
ξu - Euphoria
FFYL - Fight for your Life
DV - Divinity (?)
Rε - Can't recall this one, either.
λυ - Aurora
Nσ - Nitro (?)


Su - The Survivors
PP - Player's Page
NL - Team Netherlands
XF - Crossfire
LL - Lost Legends
G4L - Geeks For Life
RB - Rosco's Bitches
GU - German United
aboo - A Bag of Oreos
BNL - Team Benelux
Sρ - Spectrum
Sα - Sedation
Qnt - Quintessence
υε - Team @υε
MLG - ApoRed Elite #FiR
R- - Remake
Arz - Aspire
æ - Atemberaubend
EFG - Epic Fortnite Gamers
/:\ - Country Road
EA - Extend Ash
υτ - Untouchables

I'm sure there are many more that I have missed. (Sadly, I don't have access to my Skype account anymore)


However, I didn't only spend my time playing online. I have invested much time into time trials throughout the years.

My first notable time trial was a 1:51.605 on Toad's Factory, achieved in November of 2013. I had spend a lot of time on the track, trying to keep up with Owen, Patrick, Kasper, Cees and a few others for the best possible time.

I have my entire history on that track saved since that time.

1:51.605 > 1:51.542 > 1:51.354 > 1:51.316 > 1:51.178 > 1:50.887

That 1:50.887 was set in March of 2014. I managed to beat Cees, Kasper and Patrick with that time, but Owen was still in front of me by over .4.

I managed to improve to 1:50.808 in April of 2015, and improving again to 1:50.167 three weeks after that.

Finally, I would improve a last time to 1:50.067 in February of 2016, which is where my personal record sits today. At the time, the time placed 8th regional in Europe.

My only other track with an interesting development is GBA Bowser Castle 3. In September of 2015, I decided to try my luck with the track and quickly obtained a relatively messy 2:18.561. My history here isn't as well recorded as my history on TF, but I managed to improve my time bit by bit at the end of 2015. Sometime in December I would set a 2:18.1, which placed 10th in Europe at the time. I would go on to improve that time to a 2:17.801 in early January of 2016, which placed 7th in Europe and was my first country record ever.

When I returned to this game in 2019, I decided that I wanted to improve upon this time once more before I'd call it quits. And so I did, after a few months of trying on and off, I set my 2:17.524, which currently still sits at 8th in Europe and remains my only country record.

I also set one CT BKT during my time playing, a 1:50.356 on SNES Bowser Castle 3 v2. After it was beaten by Havoc just a few days later, I improved it once more to a 1:50.338.

A few other times I've set since my return are a 2:31.995 on rBC, a 1:51.979 on WGM and a 2:05.434 on rDS.

To finish this all off, I'd like to thank a bunch of people:

Ryan, Lucas, Owen, Ivar, Simon, Slide, Theo, Mine, Arto, Mace, Fox, Liam, Havoc, Nuke, Ayumi, Joris, Robert, Hikaru, Lloyd, Kasper, Alex, Patrick and surely many more for having a very positive impact on my development in this game, either on- or offline.​
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