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MKW Clyde


"Biggest Meme in the Community" -EBoom & DayZ
Nov 13, 2018
Dark Matter Shrine
Contingency, Resurrection,
who does this

November 2018 - 2020


I first joined the clan community through one of my friends, CatYoshi. He invited me to the clan Dolphin Dashers (DD), it was lead by ILoveSMB as the main leaders and Charlie G. as the co-leader. I wasn't very good at the game but they still gave me a chance. Charlie trialed me soon after I joined and surprisingly, I won with a 3-1 first GP. He let me into the clan as a member and I did a total of 11 wars in DD over the course of 5 months before it eventually died out due to not much interest. Without the efforts of Charlie, SMB, CatYoshi, or DD as a whole, I wouldn't be in the community to this day.
I don't even know where to begin. The 4 months I spent leading Trinity (Ty) were some of my favorite moments I've spent in the community. I first created the clan in February of 2019. I didn't lead the clan alone and I have to thank the efforts of Yem, Season, Andre, Trashy, and a few others who helped me by co-leading the clan. Over the course of February to May 28th 2019, Ty did 71 wars together and while I didn't play in most of them, I was always there supporting the clan in any way I could. However since I was an inexperienced leader at the time, it didn't last forever and eventually died out sadly. 2 people in particular who kept the clan active in the 4 months where it played frequently whom I have to thank, were Jayden and AlphaCA. Thanks so much for keeping us alive.
Stardust was a clan founded by SMB and Yuyu, who both had dying clans at the time, DD and the other one that I was never in which was lead by Yuyu. There isn't much to say about Stardust since I left in early April due to some conflicts and I only played 2 wars where I can proudly say that I got my worst score ever. I scored 22 in a war vs Final Stand. Thought I should mention the clan even though it didn't last very long, it was still there for me when my other clans were dead if I ever wanted to war in March.
Yes yes, I was in T7 at a time in my days of MKW. I joined T7 in mid-May 2019 to play leagues for them but plans soon fell flat as some changes happened and I was kicked so not much to discuss here other than I played 2 wars there and I MVP'd both of them for our team but we lost both of them.
Again, not much to say here other than I was a leader from July to October before I left due to reasons that I will discuss and joined back in early December but soon left around Christmas time for more personal reasons involving the clan. I left the first time because there was nothing there for me while I was leading. It was an inactive insta-team that signed up for EL which I didn't even play for, and after a few months of leading, I realized that I was wasting my time since I didn't play since no one else tried to gather and I didn't enjoy the arguments between me and the other leaders that formed due to the clan. There was enough reason for me to leave outright even though I was the 2nd leader. I rejoined to see how it was doing and found out that nothing had gotten better but I gave it another chance and it resulted in the same and I again left shortly after. I didn't have a good experience in the clan but hopefully it has gotten better in recent days.
Resurrection was my first experience in a more serious clan setting, I played ELS4 for RS and got my first banner in my first season of a serious league. I met some great people in RS, some of which are in my own clan now, but some of them did not like me and for good reasons. I didn't play much in the later months when I was in RS after ELS4 ended due to little interest and other problems in life and managing my own clan. Like everything, it had to come to an end eventually, and that end came when StripE kicked me from RS in February of 2020 due to poor interest and bad chemistry with everyone. I had my run with EL and when I did participate in scrimmage wars, I found myself not enjoying them as much as i enjoyed them in my other clans hence why I was eventually kicked from the server. I'm not too upset considering the fact that I didn't have anymore interest in RS due to Cy doing leagues and other things. I just wish I spent my late 2019 with a more long term team that didn't judge me based on my age. Thanks for ELS4 but I do regret this overall since it caused more problems than good and ruined some experiences for me.

There is no real place to start with Cy as a whole. Everything has been amazing in Cy and I don't regret a thing. I must thank DanUK and Yem for helping me get it started, without them, I would not be where I am today. Massive thanks to all the current and ex leaders of Cy. The most notable of them, being KasperUS, DanUK, Deano, and Clique. Some others include, Brannon, Rain, Rudy, and Yem. As well as a few others that left on bad terms so I won't list them. To start, DanUK and Deano have been there since June of 2019 up until October of 2019. It was always us 3 managing the clan as the main leaders and switching out the co-leaders. In those months during the summer with Deano and Dan, I had some of the best experiences in this game that I have ever had. Those 2 were amazing leaders and I can't thank them enough. Unfortunately, they've both had their runs out of the clan and Deano has since been kicked in October and Dan was kicked for a few weeks in January before getting an invite back in early February 2019. Clique and Kasper are the current Cy leaders along with me. Kasper has helped Cy on more of a serious note and helped me out with tips on how to make it a better place as well as being one of the most active players in the clan in the months that followed him joining sometime in Autumn of 2019. Even though he had better clans to war with, he always chose Cy when he wanted to help me out. Clique on the other hand, joined in mid November of 2019 as an ally. He soon became the most active person in Cy and I gave him the member role. Once he left Ap to main Cy fully due to feeling a better connection with me and the rest of the clan, I gave him the leader role. Before he left Ap, I gave him the co-leader role so he could help out since he was so active but that just drew him to be even more active. He is still Cy's most active player besides myself and I can't thank him enough. Now for some of the ex co-leaders. Brannon didn't really do much other than help push me to be a better player and taught me the DKS double but he was pretty active in the summer and autumn months before he was kicked in October, rejoined in December as just a normal member, and then he left randomly in January of 2020 for reasons that are still unclear to me and the other leaders. Rain is one of my best friends in this community and he's always been like my rival in this game. We've always had similar skills on both CTs and RTs. We do TT battles in CTs to see who can get the better time and I can't appreicate him enough. Unfortunately, while the times we do war are great, they are far and few. He was demoted in favor of Rudy in September of 2019 due to low activity but he is still in the clan and I love him no homo. Rudy, was a bro. He was very active from September to December when he was in the clan, but he decided to leave randomly in December in favor of RS. This was very crushing to me considering that I built him from the ground up, got him into Cy, gave him co-leader, got him into RS, only for him to leave Cy and play for RS full time. I wish I didn't get him back into RS but it is what it is and I hope in another world, we can be close friends once more. We listened to "Red Solo Cup" before every war in the voice call, good times. That concludes everything about the leaders and ex-leaders in Cy, almost every person I listed is still on good terms with Cy and me as a person however there are exceptions. Thanks to you all for serving your time. Back to Cy, Cy was in it's prime in Summer of 2019 due to huge activity and more fun wars than we have nowadays. This wouldn't be possible without Deano, Dan, PXL, and everyone else that was super active in the summer months, once school rolled around, the activity started to dwindle but myself and the other leaders made it work for a while before we completely changed in Autumn/Winter of 2019. I just want to make a list of every person that has made an impact in Cy, a "Hall of Fame" type thing. Kasper, Dan, Deano, Clique, PXL, Brannon, Rain, Rudy, Haseo, ILoveSMB, SnakeZ, Angry, Slide, Henry, Tectrox, Nitro, Josue, and I will continue to add to this list. Thank you all for your time spent in Cy, I really appreciate it. Let's hope Cy can stay active for as long as possible.
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