course.kcl problem

Feb 19, 2020
Don’t own one.
Hey there! If you're on this thread, hopefully you can help me with this really annoying problem. So, first thing is, I have a course.kcl file that has absolutely no sound triggers, meaning the music will just keep running and running in a specific course such as Toads factory, moonview highway, BCWii etc. So my problem is, whenever I replace the course.kcl on a course texture, then save, it gives me the message, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object," So I went ahead and searched this problem up and I found absolutely nothing, but when I looked at a random website, I saw that I shouldn't have changed the name file, (I changed the name of the file because I had multiple course.kcl files on my desktop.) and thought that should've fixed it. But to my surprise... it didn't... It would really help if anyone out there could help me out.. Thanks for your time.