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CT Division 1 - Introduction


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Jun 25, 2018
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Hey there, I'm Niko, I think most of us know the drill, I'm the Division Admin for this particular division, I'm often quite active throughout the week and weekends so I'll be here if anyone has any questions to ask, alongside the Council who will be there to decide any verdicts for penalties among other things.

Please try to keep any inappropriate conduct to a minimum. Whereas this is a league and low level comments may be tolerated from time to time, Wiimmfi League staff will not tolerate persistent issues with representatives, and I personally don't want to see any issues where reps get removed mid-season.

Best of luck to everyone who's participating, I hope we can run this season as smoothly as possible!

Team Representatives:
g. All teams will have 2 player representatives (a third representative will be allowed on an emergency basis). These player representatives will be the only ones organizing their team’s matches throughout the league, no one else.
g.i. All team representatives must cooperate with the requests of their division administrators. Failure to cooperate will result in removal as a team representative and the team in question havin to find a replacement.​
h. All player representatives for each team will be added to a Discord channel made by the league admin(s) for their division. The league admin(s) and the division admin will oversee the channel. All match organization is to be taken place in the channel.
*h.i. Any team that does not organize a match in their respective Discord channel runs the risk of receiving a strike and the staff ruling any proof of rule(s) being broken as invalid.​
Division Admin:
Niko (nikos#6942)

Maximum Likelihood:
Azmact (Az#9999)
Hisha (Hisha#7777)

Act (Act#5555)
Maik (Maik#9576)
Nick (Nick.#4803)

Team @ Emerald:
Psycho (psycho#3275)
Ryan (Ryan ☂#1111)
Zayne (zayne#9444)

Team leops:
Puffe (Puffe#2168)
Roy (roy#7700)

Daisy Squad:
EmilP (EmilP#6303)
rusoX (rusoX#7920)

Extend Ash:
Malone (Malone#5955)
Hikaru (Hikaru#7817)

Daseia (daseia#5009)
Epix (Epix#4591)
Eleking (★Eleking#8295)

Team @ Diamond:
Ferg (Ferg#2900)
Fulmore (Almeda#2801)
Pascal (Pascal#5345)
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