• Our next site-ran tournament, a Holiday 2v2 FFA for Mario Kart Wii, is now open for signups! Please see this thread for more information.

CT Mogi Lounge FFA - December 22nd 2018


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Jun 25, 2018
British Columbia
Hello Mariokartboards users, just a friendly reminder that the Custom Track Mogi lounge is hosting a holiday FFA tournament on December 22nd 2018.

We're trying things differently in where you must be a somewhat active part of the Discord server to sign up, as signups will only be accepted through our server's "signup" channel, which you will see when you join the server. This post isn't here to inform you about the rules of the tournament since that will be given to you when you decide to join the server, but rather to simply inform you of the event happening. I will also post all streams that will be happening for the event here, but that's it.

Furthermore, we have made the following rule in terms of being allowed to signup in order to discourage alts: You must have participated in at least three (3) custom track mogis to be allowed to sign up for the December 22nd FFA. We think that 1 month and 11 days to complete three mogis is not outside the realm of possibility.

If you wish to join the CT Mogi server, this is the thread supplying a bit of background information - https://mariokartboards.com/threads/custom-track-lounge.1297/
And if you just wish to hop into the server, this is the join link - https://discord.gg/EMTeS8h
Sep 30, 2018
Hey Shane, for whatever reason, I got blocked from ct lounge. If you have already been blocked, does that mean you aren't allowed to participate?