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Custom Time Trial Rankings

Dec 22, 2018
Antwerp, Belgium
Hey everyone Loaf here!

This post is going to be on how to create your own custom rankings in game!
Some of you may have seen this tweet a while back and I'm happy to say I've finally finished work on it.
I've been really busy with school so it took a while but now that that's out of the way I have time again.
Credit to ZedR for giving me this idea, Anarion for the globe position code and Vega for the globe positions!
Here's an example:

LC WW.png

The way this works is I've made a tool that generates a (cheat)code that you can use either on Dolphin or on console like you would with any gecko code.
The tool is a very simple site which you can find at customtop10.rf.gd. I've used a free hosting service so the name is kinda wacky.
Also just as a warning as I saw some people being confused: This works locally, which means only you will be able to see the rankings, it doesn't get uploaded or dowloaded.

How to use it:

  • ISO Region: Select the correct region for the game that you're using (e.g. Europe = PAL, North America = NTSC-U)
  • Rankings Region/Globe Location: This way you can control where on the globe the game will focus, in case of a worldwide ranking it obviously doesn't matter since the globe will zoom out completely anyway. In game you can choose how the globe appears by choosing either Friend Rankings, Continental Rankings or Worldwide Rankings which go from very zoomed in to showing the entire globe.
  • Show Track Name: Enabled by default. When enabled the track name will appear in front of the title. An example for when you would want to disable this is when you want to make the rankings for a custom track, that way you can disable the option and include the ct name in the title.
  • Title: Here you can set the title of the rankings.
  • Entries: You can manually set country, name, time and if the wheel was used. Alternatively you can load in a ghost file by clicking the button the Ghost File button.
  • Ghost Files: By clicking the Ghost File button you can choose 1 or more ghost files. When choosing 1 it just fills for the entry you pressed the button for. For multiple ghost files it sorts all selected ghosts and fills them in starting from the entry you pressed the button for. So let's say you clicked the button for the 3rd entry and select 4 ghost files. Entry 3, 4, 5 and 6 will then be filled in. If you have 10 ghost files you can thus simply fill them in all at once by selecting all at once for the 1st entry.
    You can also change things even after you've loaded in the ghost file, let's say the country of the ghost doesn't match the actual country then you can just change it to the correct one. This also means that if there's no ghost for a certain time you can just get the mii by loading in another ghost file from that person and then change the time.
    Please note that if you don't select a ghost file then a default mii will appear.
  • Changing the amount of entries: If you want a top 5 instead of a top 10 as an example you just fill in the top 5 times and the tool sees it as a top 5. You can then also change the title to Top 5 if you want
After you've set everything the way you want just press Start and the code will be generated. Pressing Copy will then copy the code onto your clipboard.

In Dolphin you then go to Gecko Codes in the Cheat Manager and add the code there.
On console you can use Ocarina with Riivolution which is explained here.

If something doesn't work or you have any questions, feel free to let me know. You can also always dm me on discord at WhatIsLoaf#9370
If you wish to view the source code feel free to check out my post on mkwii.com here.
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Dec 22, 2018
Antwerp, Belgium
Thread Starter #5
Default mii's should now work properly when not giving a ghost file.
There's was bug where they would just not work at all. (because I'm an idiot :cool:)