discuss ONLY the BEST games (opinions ALLOWED!!)

Jun 25, 2018
this thread was created to serve the basic purpose of talking about the BEST games ever made on a gaming related forum, which im surprised no one has made a thread here for such a widely brought up topic but i suppose it had to be made eventually. you can discuss your favorite games here, or games that you truly believe are among the greatest, i dont care. guess i should start with some of my own picks in no order:

0. mario kart wii


twenty four years later and i still dont think any 3d mario game tops this one. while sunshine, odyssey, and the galaxy games are great, and the ds remake was an enjoyable addition with additional stars and characters, theres just a certain charm of mario 64 that the other games quite dont compare. there are many obscure easter eggs programmed in these games, for example running into certain butterflies in the game can make a 1-up appear, or even a cannonball. but what really sells this game for me is the amount of knowledge that the community has gathered about this game, partly due to being one of the most speedran games out there. these guys most certainly know more the the dev team does, and have quite literally pushed the game so far that theyre in alternate universes, and have broken down pretty much every aspect of the game, from item cloning glitches and coin limits to mundane things like marios blinking and sleeping which are oddly fascinating. i dont remember the last time i got excited and engaged in learning about walls, floors, and ceilings for anything ever.


theres some nostalgia bias going on here but while everyone is talking about how pokemon is too easy or how the new games suck bollocks (they do lol), im out here playing through stadium round 2 mode with rental pokemon only. even though the game was designed around using pokemon from cart, the game allowed you to use rental pokemon which had their own predetermined stats and moves, to varying degrees of usefulness. while often criticized, i think it only adds more challenge to the game and makes the battles versus the already advanced ai more interesting. some mechanics from rby like focus energy reducing crit have also been fixed (rip hyper beam being op though), and although people often hate gen 1 mechanics, i think theyre kind of endearing in a sort of way. even though the focal point of this game is the battling, there are various fun minigames like the lickitung and ekans one if you ever get tired of battles. shoutouts to stadium2 which is more or less the same game but with gen 2 mechanics, although i feel the rental selection in that game is less fun, colosseum and xd for having fully fledged stories revolving around shadow pokemon, and utilizing the much more strategic double battles, and emerald and bw2 for being the best of the handheld games and me sinking so much playtime into the frontier and pwt respectively. i also need to mention how pokemon stadium has better animations than sword and shield, released 20 years later on a much more capable console, just need to let that one out also gen 3 best gen dont @ me especially if gen 4s ur favorite.


this game used to be my fucking shit back during the 360 days and im glad it just released on steam in the mcc. i used to spend every day in the summer just playing on xbox live, whether it be matchmaking raging at people cause snowbound got picked, playing infection nonstop, or fucking around in custom games like fat kid and duck hunt. i didnt even mention the campaign for this game, while i only ever played multiplayer for halo 1 and 2, that didnt stop me from having an absolute blast playing through halo 3s story mode. the covenant might just be the single greatest mission/level/chapter in a video game period. also fun fact, there is an entire wikipedia article dedicated to the marketing behind halo 3, stating that in total the marketing campaign costed $40 million, and it blew expectations away.


im going with f-zero x mainly due to nostalgia bias again, although f-zero gx is just as amazing and a lot more crazy at top level play. x is one of the few n64 games to run at 60fps where most other games are 30fps, and they still managed to fit 30 different racers on the track. f-zero has always been one of nintendos most technically impressive game on any console it releases on and x is no exception here. while the graphics may have taken a hit, gameplay was prioritized and this game and the game is both extremely fun, tight, and challenging; it is absolutely gripping. what i like about x over gx is the artstyle similar to that of a comic book, and i also prefer the more metal soundtrack seen, although gx has a great soundtrack as well. for the first 3d f-zero, they really outdid themselves here.


i have played through most of the fire emblem series, genealogy has my favorite story of the series with many twists in the way, three houses has a strong cast and a great story with multiple endings, echoes has got to be among the best remakes for a video game ever with its superb presentation, voice acting, and cast, the tellius games are a blast to play through, and the greil mercenaries contain some of my favorite characters in the series. fe just has tons of amazing entries worth playing for different reasons, however i have to go with the elitist pick of thracia 776. thracia introduced a host of mechanics like the constitution stat used for rescuing and capturing, and different objective types such as defend and escape maps, as opposed to the usual seize or rout in previous titles. in addition, the story is solid and a lot more humble than most fe games due to being a midquel to fe4, a nice change of pace from beating an evil dragon at the end. but what thracia does that no other fe in my opinion does is capture the atmosphere of the situation into its gameplay. the game pits escape maps frequently, where countless reinforcements spawn if the player takes too long to escape (galzus might appear who has like max stats n shit the music changes if he does so u know to gtfo). also, i also find some of this games mechanics interesting magic in this game is both magic and resistance, and attacks cannot guarantee a miss or hit (min hit is 1, max hit is 99), the parallels to rby mechanics like the special stat and 1/256 is something i just find amusing. also you can change the background color of the menus, i dont know why no other fire emblem does this but its fucking amazing.


the main reason im putting melee over ultimate is because kids dont tend to play this game :pepe:. seriously though, the main reason is that melee is just a lot more spectator friendly than ultimate, partly because its got more established top players and top tiers but also because of its high-tempo and high-execution gameplay. ultimate is a great game too with the largest roster of fighters for any smash game, and great balance between such a large cast, but imo a lot of the ultimate characters arent as deep as melee characters, which in melee allows for different players to form their own playstyle off of the same character. aside from the pvp aspect, melee still boasts a good variety of single player options, and afaik has the only adventure mode that has you travel to worlds such as mario, zelda, and f-zero like a crossover would. not only that melee has a more enjoyable casual experience than ultimate, more balanced items, impossible techs didnt exist which is most applicable to the fight pit area in temple, has pokefloats, etc. oh and did i mention that melee has better netcode by a fan than ultimate does by a billion dollar company.


super metroid is just one of a kind really. the games atmosphere is truly great and unlike most games on the snes, the title screen alone has corpses of scientists laying on the ground, and throughout the game there is a great sense of isolation. yet at the same time, freedom in this game is comparable to that of a sandbox. rather than just choosing whether to save or kill the animals, you can pretty much choose how you want to progress through the game; do you want to beat the bosses in reverse order? do you want to beat kraid without going into norfair to get hi jump boots? you can and all of this is possible due to a combination of unrestrictive gameplay and the games techniques like walljumping, bombjumping, and machball. the music in this game is also something to listen to, it both fits into the world and is also just a total bop, especially both brinstar themes. i havent got around to playing the prime games yet, the only other metroid ive got to so far is samus returns which was a blast to play through, but i hope i do eventually get around to the others.


the other half of metroidvania, and what a shift from classicvania. there are some rpg elements here like stats and equippable items collected throughout the castle, and various upgrades like transformation into bat, mist, and wolf which are all great. alucard also just plays so well in this game and is so fun to play as, no wonder sakurai originally thought of adding him over the belmonts in smash. however the best part of the game for me is when you fight what is seemingly the final boss, if you went out of your way to get a certain item, you can defeat the boss but then get access to the inverted castle, which is the original castle with all its locations, but upside down. its comparable to beating the johto games then getting access to kanto, great stuff. this game also just has so much charm to it, what with the cheesy voice acting to the little details and secrets you wouldnt normally find playing, not to mention you can change the color of the menus and later on, alucards cloak. i have played a bit of castlevania 4, simon and the whip in that game feels extremely fun, but i should get around to playing rondo of blood, or the other igavania games as theyre called.


to start off i absolutely suck balls at touhou, touhou 8 is one of the easier ones and im fine until i get to reimu/marisa in stage 4 and lose everything, how id play the harder games like 11, 12, and 15 i dont know. despite this, i still enjoy playing touhou a lot, and the game almost never throws any bullshit at you. my favorite part of the touhou series as a whole like many others is the music, zun just has so much talent when it comes to music. in also happens to have my overall favorite music out of every touhou game, some of my favorites include gensokyo millenium, reach for the moon, and flight of the bamboo cutter. zun also having lax copyright laws also incentivizes fans to remix more of his music; the uncountable amount of fan arranges by various dojin circles in pretty much every genre of music is something only touhou can really attest for.

could probably talk about more games but ill stop it here, feel free to discuss my picks as well as bring up your own.


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Jul 2, 2018
I didn't expect to see any Touhou games in here. IN and PCB are definitely some of my favorite games of all time. Other that those I also really like Mother 3, Super Mario World, DKC 1-3, FE 7 and 8.