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MKW Elmer’s friend base

Jul 28, 2018
エルマー || Elmer || Eruma_27
Age: 18,5
Nationality: Swedish
Main clan: Team @υε
Iconic clans: @υε || ΣX || [H] || SøD

Friend code: 3699-6791-7540


:flagSE:Elmer (old account)


Hello everyone I’m Elmer also known as Eruma_27 or Eimkwii 27 from back in the days. I’m 18.5 years old and lives in Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden. I joined the community in late 2015 and was here actively until early 2018 when I quit to then come back a few times until very early 2019 quit for almost a whole year before coming back again just a few months ago. I went through lots of clans the most memorable and important ones at least to me are ΣΧ [H] @υε SøD bomb. I made plenty of friends during these years here and I’m quite thankful for that. Many of my friends has been with me for 4 years now and I can say that my life wouldn’t be the same today without them. I met Pix Simon Andrei and Lina in 2016 and has been close ever since even tho we all gone through some periods of drama throughout these years. I’ve always been dreaming of succeeding here and right now I feel like it can finally happen since @υε looks pretty solid for the future and that excites me a lot. My experiences of debuting WL in D1 where something completely special and I still can’t believe how it happened and I’m so thankful for the people of SøD who gave me the chance even after all memes that was made about me throughout the years. I became a heavy CT main in 2017 where I met my close friends Starstrike and Pringle who I consider as 2 of my best friends today. Recently I returned to WL after the big embarrassment in S12 which I’ve learned a lot from. Now we are planning on keep going for the future and become the team we always dreamed of to become but never really did. I have my closest friends with me and as long as they are on my side nothing can stop us from believing and following the path towards our mutual dream!

I’ll update more later

Thank you for reading my thread!

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