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Gustav's Time Trials

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Aug 5, 2018
Muslumania (Sweden)
Player: Gustav​
Country: Sweden:flagSE:
Controller: :nunchuk:
CTGP Profile 2: http://www.chadsoft.co.uk/time-trials/players/B9/7B3BE0E7BAD2EA.html

Luigi Circuit: 01:09.368 4th EU​
Moo Moo Meadows: 01:16.222 10 EU​
Mushroom Gorge: 01:43.265​
(Glitch) Mushroom Gorge: 00:41.113​
Toad's Factory: 01:50.229​

Mario Circuit: 01:22.212 : 3-0-0​
(Glitch) Mario Circuit: 01:04.553​
Coconut Mall: 01:58.803​
(Glitch) Coconut Mall: 00:47.573​
DK's Snowboard Cross: 01:52.033​
Wario's Gold Mine: 01:51.823​
(Glitch) Wario's Gold Mine: 00:49.226​

Daisy Circuit: 01:31.271​
Koopa Cape: 02:22.337​
Maple Treeway: 02:20.489​
(Glitch) Maple Treeway: 02:12.850​
Grumble Volcano: 01:54.901​
(Rock-hop) Grumble Volcano: 01:46.978​
(Glitch) Grumble Volcano: 00:21.431​

Dry Dry Ruins: 01:53.875​
Moonview Highway: 01:44.215​
Bowser's Castle: 02:23.349​
(Glitch) Bowser's Castle: 02:40.167​
Rainbow Road: 02:31.569​

GCN Peach Beach: 01:13.368​
(Glitch) GCN Peach Beach: 01:15.679​
DS Yoshi Falls: 00:59.798​
SNES Ghost Valley 2: 00:53.397​
(Glitch) SNES Ghost Valley 2: 00:55.461​
N64 Mario Raceway: 01:43.320​

N64 Sherbet Land: 02:05.223​
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 01:22.742​
DS Delfino Square: 02:06.765​
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 01:54.859​

DS Desert Hills: 01:34.784 (ER - 2nd WW)​
GBA Bowser Castle 3: 02:18.206​
(Shortcut) GBA Bowser Castle 3: 02:03.774​
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway: 02:15.296​
GCN Mario Circuit: 01:33.173​

SNES Mario Circuit 3: 01:18.999​
DS Peach Gardens: 02:00.744​
GCN DK Mountain: 02:09.029​
(Glitch) GCN DK Mountain: 02:22.062​
N64 Bowser's Castle: 02:33.056​
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Aug 5, 2018
Muslumania (Sweden)
From Mario Circuit: 01:22.299 to Mario Circuit: 01:22.213
feels like shit. I know I can improve by at least .2 right now if i got the run. But i'm so tired off this that i just want to sleep now.
My goal is to beat Arvo's time off 01:21.970 and it will take me a while to beat.
Aug 5, 2018
Muslumania (Sweden)
Photo on 2018-09-28 at 11.36.jpg Photo on 2018-09-28 at 11.37 #2.jpg I got an amazing lap 1 but got so nerves on lap 2 and 3 that I would not get an amazing time. but it's an PB by 0.001 at least :) new pb is an new pb anyway