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How-to: New Clan Registrations

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Jul 2, 2018
Clout's House
λρocalypse, Regicide
Information Required
- Clan Name
- Clan Tag
- Clan Thread
- Leader(s) with contact information
- Number of players (estimate)
- Main time zone(s) and/or country.

Please note that the Wiimmfi League requires at least 8 players to be registered for a team to be accepted. Teams will be moved to the Registered WL Teams section on a regular basis so long as there are no issues, however you can obviously perform transfers and/or player registrations prior to this move to the registered teams section taking place.

New teams can be registered at any time.

Formats Accepted
We require all the information provided above in a strictly laid out manner, however we are willing to format the thread if you get seeded in to the league and we find that your thread doesn't meet standards.

The following is an example of an accepted team registration:
Clan Name: βattle Cry
Clan Tag: βc
Clan Thread: https://mariokartboards.com/threads/βc-βattle-cry.83/
Leader(s) with contact information: Mitch: Mitch#2965, md5041 | Spade: Spade#1250, ugotowned3500vr
Number of players: 8
Main time zone(s) and country(s): US East (EST), US Central (CST)

For any further examples, please feel free to check the Registered WL Teams section.
Not open for further replies.