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How-to: New Player Registrations


Triple OwO
WL Staff
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Jun 3, 2018
Important Note - Purpose of Player Registrations.
The New Player Registrations section is intended to be used only in cases where the player has not prior registered for any team whatsoever in the league. If you're unsure, you can always check the registry to see whether or not you've signed up before.

If you are looking to sign up for one track type, but are already signed up for the other (e.g. signing up on CTs when you're already in a regular track clan), you are able to submit a transfer request as opposed to a New Player Registration. For more information, check this thread.

Information Required
- Your name (normally Mii name)
- Your team's registration link. If you're registering for Free Agents, please put "Free Agents" instead of a link.
- Friend Codes
- Sufficient evidence of the Friend Codes (picture or video, depending on circumstance).
- Sufficient proof of permission from a representative of the team you're registering to. This can be in the form of a printscreen, or the representative posting on the registration thread. If you're the leader of the clan, you do not need any form of sufficient proof so long as you make it clear that that is the situation.

Please note that only the registering player themselves may sign up. If a representative is signing the player up, the registration will be denied. This is to attempt to prevent people trying to alt (sign up under another alias), and any form of alting will be punished at the council's discretion.

Formats Accepted
New Player Registrations, given that they require a lot of information, are generally hard to format. We will attempt to help formatting (so if information is present we will often attempt to process the registration), however if we do run in to any issues or we believe information is missing, we will not be able to process it. On most occasions, we will attempt to tag either yourself, or a representative of your clan, to try and notify you of the issue.

The following is an example of an acceptable registration:



Mitch will send permission shortly.

Important Note Regarding Registration Deadlines
Following recent changes within the ruleset and the way the registration system works, there are specific times in which registrations can be processed. These times are:
- In the off-season (subject to no reviews).
- In the preliminary seedings stage of the league's process (subject to some reviewal, as registrations may affect seedings).

For any information on this, please refer to the rulesets.

Registrations outside of these ranges will not be processed until a range is met.
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