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Jul 17, 2018
I'm literally getting lost in my own thoughts trying to learn what files control what on the screen during a race while also trying to edit them. I have figured out some things on my own, but since there are like zero tutorials or other people asking questions about this stuff (that I could find), i'm still quite lost.

I use WLE to view and edit BRLYT files - some stuff like scale, color, X/Y translations and whatnot is pretty self explanatory. However, I wanted to move stuff around the screen and found out that really didn't do that.
Then I moved on to messing around with BRCTR files in Wexos' Toolbox and got that to work, but I only ever touched X and Y translations for the 00 line (I think?).
I tried opening BRLAN files in WT too, but I literally couldn't make sense of it, so then I tried using Benzin, but that didn't work for some reason. Sometimes the CMD would give me weird errors, and other times it would convert to an XMLYT but be completely blank?? Idk.

I tried figuring out what make the time and lap yellow and I gave up. I think part of it is a BRLAN? Some of it is in a BRLYT.

So many questions. Does anyone know why Benzin is acting a fool? Does anyone even recommend using Benzin anymore? Is there a better way to view BRLAN files? What more basic stuff should I know?

pls let me know if you can answer any of them or bestow any knowledge upon me bc im desperate. when I look up anything about these files all I see is videos of people who can edit them like a god and i'm just so confused