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I feel that the Wiimmfi server could use an update


New member
Jul 19, 2018
The last few months, many people (myself included) have had a hard time either staying connected to a worldwide or finding a WW in general. Usually when I do find a WW, it only has a few people in it and that's not fun. Sometimes I get stuck doing a 1v1 and again, that's not fun especially considering thunderclouds are a thing in 1v1s. It's hard to keep a good WW going because people are always getting disconnected, even when everyone has a good connection. You'll see it on the ban page a lot with peoples' Natneg getting stuck or connection locking up. It's gotten old being stuck on "Please wait a moment" and I know a couple of people have already stopped playing because of this. They get tired of waiting. People get bored waiting three or sometimes five minutes only to get DCed or left in the WW with one or two other people. Not everyone wants to do private rooms. Good WWs die way too often these days and I feel that an upgrade with the server is necessary. It's hard for a server to grow or at the very least maintain the current user-base if people get bored out of their minds waiting to play the next race. It's frustrating having to deal with this every day and it's frustrating watching Twitch streamers get DCed even when everyone has good internet. I realize that it's hard to maintain a server and keep it running to the best of its ability, but the stability really needs to improve. That's why I think the Wiimmfi server needs to be updated.

This isn't me trying to bash the server or the owner. That is not my intention, so I don't want the mods or Wiimm to look at this and think I'm hating or anything like that. I just want the best for the people playing Mario Kart Wii. Everyone deserves a good experience (unless you're a troll that wants to ruin the fun for everyone). I'm not saying this is or has been a bad experience, I'm thankful that we can still play MKW online even after the Nintendo server was shut down and I'm still having a fun time. However, it has become really frustrating these last few months having to constantly deal with rooms locking up, getting disconnected, and not being able to find a good, full, competitive worldwide. Again, I want everyone to have a good experience and I feel that the server could really use an update to improve that experience.