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General Joeey


Wavin' through a window~
EL Staff
Aug 2, 2018
Birmingham, England
Turtle 7eam
Hey, I'm Joeey, I'm 19 and I'm applying for WL Staff in General. I recently applied for Council, however deleted my application prior to the final selection due to a lack of time. As it happens, with Summer coming up, I'm likely to be more active, and so feel I can now dedicate that spare time.

I'm applying in General as I am flexible with which roles I can work with, with the exception of Graphic Designer . I have experience in being a RA, a DA and a Councillor in other Leagues, most notably in EL, but also in 3L and Mookie's 5v5 League, a league which aims to be an introduction to League formats for newer or lesser experienced players.

With regards to Council, I feel that the WL Council is lacking somewhat in terms of lower division representation. The majority of the WL Council is players in Division 1 and 2, and therefore, at times, it can feel like the bottom divisions are getting as much consideration with regards to seedings and changes. Having been a team rep in Season 15 and a player in Season 14, both in Division 5, there are at times decisions made that, to the players and representatives in bottom division, appear to be slightly uninformed (APE seeded D5, I$2 seeded D5). I'd like to help change that.

Working as part of the Council is like working in any other team, decisions have to be made as a team and therefore I understand the need to compromise on decisions in order to achieve a majority consensus. Turtle 7eam (the team I lead in WL/EL) has it's own Leadership Council of sorts and any decisions regarding the clan, whether it be a structural change to the server or even the acceptance of a new member, has to have a majority vote between the five leaders. Of course, within the WL Council, the decisions made affect a lot more people than those in one team, and that's even more of a reason to have a majority consensus before any decisions are followed through.

With regards to what role I can play within a Council, I'm not one for coming up with ideas, and I lack creativity in that regard, however, I can assist with allowing the Council to become even more in touch with the community, as well as assist with seedings (I actively try to predict/formulate seedings based on my team knowledge for both WL and EL now), and other decisions on penalties/format changes, et cetera.

With regards to being an RA and a DA, I have a large knowledge of both Excel and Google Sheets, even going so far as to have designed blank table templates on both pieces of software. I'm currently the Division Admin for Division 1 of Elite League, along with the DA of Mookie League's one division currently. I was also the Division Admin for Division 4 of Three League. I've been an RA in all three of the aforementioned Leagues, and so I feel I have a lot of experience in this area, and I would arguably say I prefer working as an RA/DA over Council, but, as I mentioned earlier, I am open to any role.

Outside of competitive, primarily my focus is just to have a good time with my team and enjoy the game, and if I were to be on Council, I hope I can allow others within the League to enjoy themselves too, whilst maintaining the competitive aspect of the League. Otherwise, I'd hope that I could assist the League in running as efficiently as it has over the past few seasons.

My activity on Discord is very high, and I can be reached at Joeey#0803 if there are any questions about my application. Thank you for reading and I hope my application is taken into consideration.
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