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Staff Justin


New member
Jun 25, 2018
Canada, The Superior Country
Remove Peaks
I am applying to Media Staff for several roles.
  • Caster
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content Creator
I’ll give a brief introduction to myself before explaining why I am well suited for each role.

I’m Justin and I’ve been playing competitive Mario Kart since 2012 on and off. Mostly Mario Kart Wii but I’ve played Mario Kart 8 sometimes as well. Yes I am the one that uses the Wii Wheel not the good one.

Alright with that out of the way, let’s jump into why I should be a part of media staff.

1. Caster

This I thought I would just add to the rest as a possibility. I do enjoy casting my own streams and would like the opportunity of becoming a caster for others. I’m not too knowledgeable on actual casting but when it comes to Mario Kart I have a ton of game knowledge. Here’s a few of my Twitch streams as an example for me casting over my own gameplay (I just chose random recent examples).

(Mic Quality isn’t the best I know I’m considering purchasing a new one)

EDIT: First stream isn't up anymore because it hit the maximum # of days to be up.

2. Social Media Assistant

I have been on social media for a very long time and have picked up on countless tactics used for places like YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc. to make accounts and posts look nice and professional. While I haven’t attempted anything too professional in the online realm, I know how to construct posts and make them eye catching to the viewer. I also am familiar with YouTube algorithms with tags, thumbnails etc. from years of experience and how to draw in viewers to Twitch channels. The only example for posts I can give is my outdated and somewhat joking player hub.


Here is an example of what some of it looks like


3. Graphic Designer

These last two are what I am mainly striving to be. Most of my graphic designing experience comes from two of my classes at school currently. However I’ve come to learn many things from those classes that I feel make me able to create various graphics that most people wouldn’t be able to. I use Adobe Photoshop at home and I’ve created several graphics both at school and at home. I will show off some of my work both for the Mario Karting community and outside of the community.

I have my graphics separated into two different categories.
This is the logo for List of Croatian Films of the 1960s. This was my first attempt at an actual clean looking logo and I am proud of how it turned out.

This was the banner I made before the logo just for the [L] thread.

This is my current profile picture on Discord and my proudest creation. I thought it'd be funny to make this so I added smoke to my wiimote (it's not a vape) and then I put my Mii juuling in there. I also added the background as well since I wasn't originally in a bathroom.​
wiimusic documentary.jpg
This was a thumbnail I made for a school culminating video project (Spoilers: The link of the video is further down in this post)​

Europe Trip Information Poster.jpg
I made this for a school Europe Trip that some people are going to (I'm not though lol). Some of these posters are on my school walls currently. I censored out some personal information at the bottom of it.​

4. Content Creator

If there is one thing that I think I excel in, it’s creating new and original content. I’ve made countless videos since the age of 5 on various pieces of technology like my old mac, my old iPad and now on my recent computer. Most of these videos have been deleted (luckily) but I would say that some of my best content is still up online. I’ve made plenty of different types of content with my strongest videos in my personal opinion being my montages. On my personal YouTube, I have a few videos to illustrate my point.

This was my Wii Music Documentary that I made a while ago in my Comm. Tech course for my culminating. While it's not related to Mario Karting, I think it shows my technical skills when it comes to editing video. It was made using Final Cut Pro which is not the same as the Adobe Premiere Pro that I use at home but I am better with Premiere. (I got a 98% in that class btw)

This is my most recent montage on my channel and probably my best one production wise. This was the first video I made using Premiere Pro and I think it turned out pretty well. It was just a 3 war compilation that I made for fun. I think I could transfer the skills I used in that video for content for Media Staff.

This also ties into me being a graphic designer. I made this video like a week before new media staff was announced. In this video I just show off how I made the [L] clan logo (It's not public on my YouTube yet though). I tried making the video interesting as well so the video is kind of a 2 in 1 deal here. (My voice is kind of awkward in this cause I was whispering lol)

In regards to creating content, I make music as well if that helps.

https://soundcloud.com/jjxon (Most of the songs are jokes, though I’m considering taking the Soundcloud in a more serious direction in the future)

My Discord is Justin#9780 for further information.
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