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Kart Lounge

Nov 24, 2018
Kart Lounge

For anyone who is not aware Kart Lounge is a new Discord server meant to resemble Mogi Lounge. Kart Lounge is not identical to Mogi Lounge however, Kart Lounge still utilizes MogiBot with rt and ct tiers. Bikes are strictly prohibited to use in Mogis. Using one will cost you a significant loss in MMR and a strike. Before getting into a Mogi, you must verify with FriendBot first. If you are already verified (Such as in Mogi Lounge), you should get a role effortlessly.

- At the moment we have 8 player Mogis instead of 12 due to server inactivity.

Regular Track Leaderboard

Custom Track Leaderboard


We would also like to thank Maidvelia for providing advice and much help with Kart Lounge. The guidance has helped to improve Kart Lounge.

Invite: discord.gg/djacFFs
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