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New member
Jun 24, 2018
couple of things here seem like deterrents for signing up tbh

1. only the winner gets money? am i reading this right? so if somehow 300 ppl sign up, 1st place gets $450 and 2nd place gets... nothing? i don't think 300 is expected for this, but something more appropriate might be: 3rd-6th gets their $5 entry fee back, 2nd gets $20 (or whatever is appropriate for the number that signed up), and 1st gets whatever is left. this would also better preserve the competition in the final room... otherwise anyone with a bad gp1 or gp2 basically has no chance to win anything, so what motivation do they have to try?

2. peak mmr. i understand that this is to prevent ppl from purposely tanking and stomping a lower bracket, but this just shifts the unfairness onto players that briefly peaked in a higher bracket... i was in plat for like 5 min, yet i gotta go against all the master/diamond people? ya boy has no chance. this is made worse by #1 above as well... like maybe if the heavens shine down on me I can manage top 6, but there's no way im walking away 1st place. just doesn't make sense to sign up.