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Life Elimination Tournament | Thursday, March 26th


Thunder & Lightning
Jun 3, 2018
Explorers of Time

Credit to @trace for graphics​

Starting Date and Time: Thursday, March 26th @ 2:00 PM EDT
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Cap: 24 players

All credit goes to @trace for this exciting format idea! Credit to myself, Trace, and EXO friends for the ruleset.

Myself and Trace are executing this the first iteration of this tournament with a cap of 24 signups, since this format is the first of its kind and will require trial and error. This thread will serve as record-keeping and will allow spectators to follow the developments and results of this tournament, if anyone is curious!

If you wish to sign up, simply post your name and FC on this thread.
Join our Discord server where we'll be organizing: https://discord.gg/dRcb5N

I. Format
Players will be placed into rooms of 12. Each player will begin with three lives. If a player places bottom 3, they lose a life. Once a player has 0 lives, they are knocked out of the tournament.
b. Elimination Process
- Round 1: 24 players, 2 rooms of 12. Each room will play until there are 6 players left. This should last approximately 6 to 10 races.
- The 6 players who weren't eliminated will move on to the Winner's room, and the 6 players who lost all of their lives will move on to the Loser's room.
- Round 2: 24 players, Winner's room and Loser's room. Each room will play until there are 6 players left in. This should last approximately 6 to 10 races.
- Once there are 6 players left in each room, they will regroup into 12 for the Grand Finals. Players advancing from the Winner's room will play finals with 3 lives, and players advancing from the Loser's room will play finals with 2 lives.
- Grand Finals: 12 players. Bottom 3 will lose a life. Once there are 6 players in the room, bottom 2 will lose a life. Once there are 4 players in the room, only last will lose a life. This should last approximately 12 to 14 races.

Credit to @trace for the bracket graphic.

II. Registration
Signups are done via this thread or via Discord PMs.
b. Players must have a verified friend code on the MKBoards registry.
– To check if you have one, click here: http://tinyurl.com/wlregistry
– If you don’t have one, click here: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/how-to-new-player-registrations.244/#post-1450
b.i. If a player is found to be using an alternate account with intent to deceive, they will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
c. Players must register with their verified friend codes on the MKBoards registry.
d. Players banned from MKPS are prohibited from this tournament. To see the banlist, click here: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/mario-kart-professional-series-banlist.6607/
e. Upon registration, you agree to the use of the following rules and the final decisions of the tournament organizers.

III. General
CTGP-only. No ISO users allowed. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
b. If a player repicks a track, they will lose a life.
c. Major glitches, lookback glitch, hacking, lap trolling, and teaming is prohibited.
c.i. For a list of banned glitches, refer to the Wiimmfi League ruleset.
c.ii. If a player fails to abide rule c., they automatically agree to forfeit and drop from the tournament. Proof MUST be represented in the form of a video or a gif.
d. Rules are subject to change until the start time.

IV. Room
Players have 10 minutes to join the room from the starting time of the round.
b. The host must open the room at the time given.
c. The tournament organizers will ask for a designated player to send race pictures after every race ends. This is to keep a tally of lives.
d. If a player disconnects before race 1 lap 3, they will be permitted one reset. If they disconnect on the line, proof must be presented in the form of a video or a gif of their finishing position.
e. If a player disconnects after race 1 lap 3, they will lose a life for every missed race.
Page 4:
Track Availability [Nintendo Tracks]
Specific Engine Class [150cc]
Race Count [4]
Thundercloud Autofire [Normal]
Thundercloud Effect [Normal]
Room Encryption [ON]
Available Vehicles [All Vehicles]
Host Always Wins Vote [OFF]
Page 5:
Item Rain [OFF]
All Items Can Land [OFF]
Network Data Rate [Normal]
Item Boxes [ON]
Only accept CTGP users? [Yes, CTs On]
Allow My Stuff users? [NO]
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Thunder & Lightning
Jun 3, 2018
Explorers of Time
Thread Starter #2

Bold = can host

1. EXO cue (4086-2237-5938) (Josue)
2. EXO Cookie (3568-5446-5134)
3. EXO Connor (2239-3843-9741)
4. baboon! (4642-8389-5822) (Articuno)
5. mur (0261-3778-4550) (Trace)

6. Goomba (4384-7876-2643)
7. Cthulhu (4472-7680-2998) (Maxx)
8. EXO Ethan (3309-2321-6542)
9. EXO Zane (1464-5682-7023)
10. Emperor (4258-0188-8450)
11. clout (0177-8062-6712)
12. Josh (0177-7988-8666)
13. Matt (4126-2289-7628) (Mo Matt)
14. . 4000-3234-9902 (paul)
15. Rock Dude (2411-1823-7939)
16. maqmaqmaqm (0607-2960-5219)
17. Leon (3098-3797-4449) (NL Leon)
18. Serena (3699-6738-2037)

19. EXO kranch (3570-8301-4159) (MeraTrak)
20. Vn LT (1981-6890-3884)
21. Alpha (3484-9279-5084)

22. Vn Vibing (5202-9147-3023) (Nany)
23. GF yup (2582-9821-2358) (Alex99)
24. okereke (4988-1646-4804)

- - - -

Since we're at 24, anyone who signs up from here on will be a sub in case someone doesn't show up at the start of the tournament or drops before the tournament starts. Just to clarify, subs aren't allowed after round 1 race 1 is completed.


Jeroen (1595-1449-9609)
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