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Lounge Update


New member
Feb 19, 2020
Hello :),

As of recently, with all the new players joining lounge due to quarantine, we have decided to set up a small tier system within the server. Tier 1 being the starting point for Bronze and Silver I players (0-1299 ELO) and Tier 2 being Silver II, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master ranks (1300+). Due to having a much smaller community, there will also be an all-arrangement channel incase neither tier are able to gather. The following system explained below:

(May 9, 2020): The lounge server will be experimenting with a tier-based matchmaking system. With this change, some ranks on the leaderboard will also change. The new ranks are as follows:

BRONZE: 0 - 1199 Rating
SILVER I: 1200-1299 Rating
SILVER II: 1300-1399 Rating
GOLD: 1400-1599 Rating
PLATINUM: 1600-1799 Rating
DIAMOND: 1800-1999 Rating
MASTER: 2000+ Rating

You can view the leaderboard here: https://gb.hlorenzi.com/reg/gWsHAI/players

We've also added a #rules-changelog channel to track down anytime a rule is either added or modified so it is easier to keep track of what gets changed in the Google Doc. So, if you are bored and interested, feel free to join @ https://discord.gg/UMQ2Vsj . To verify yourself, Carl-bot will ping once you've joined and you must provide an active Twitch, Twitter, or Youtube to identify yourself or if someone is already in the server they can verify for you by asking a staff member.
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