Media Staff Recruitment

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Jun 24, 2018
Hello everyone,

With MKPS on the horizon, the media team is open for recruitment. We are currently looking for these positions:

  • Casters
    • High quality microphone
    • Availability on weekends
    • Experience within the competitive community
    • A practice cast (If you are not able to record, contact Zzz#9324 or Gabriel#9098 on discord)

  • Stream Hosts
    • High PC specifications
    • Good Internet
    • Experience with OBS
    • Availability on weekends
    • Have Photoshop *
    • Multiple Monitors *

  • Content Creators
    • Script writing skills
    • Game and community knowledge
    • Experience with editing software *

  • Graphics Artists
    • Experience with Photoshop / an alternative software
    • Availability on weekends

* = Not required

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gabriel#9098, Zzz#9324 or Tea#4982 on discord or join our discord server:
If you would like to apply, please do so here:
- Media Staff Team
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