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MKW Mera


CL Staff
Mar 28, 2019
ξ | Bibba
(April 2019-Present)

Yo, it's me, your favorite bibba. I joined this community in 2019 after looking more into the game when I started playing offline at a friend's house in 2019. Ever since, I've been in and out of clans, making new friends, and having a wonderful time.

2019 was an interesting year, mostly because I was brand new to the community, and I was looking for places to war. I ended up looking at the clan threads on MKB, and not knowing any of the clans simply made me ask random clans if they were recruiting. I found out much later how good these clans were and that I was never gonna get in at my skill :ROFLMAO:. I started out playing on dolphin but that is a huge topic in itself so I'll save that for an entirely different section. Clan wise, I made my way into Dezerek Otaku, my first ever clan, and I instantly knew I wasn't going to fit in there very well (mostly because almost all of them were French), but I did make a couple friends that I still have today, (Alessio
). After DO I made my way into Turtle 7eam, which I was in for most of 2019, while I was there I made a couple of long lasting friends, but that actually came to an end quickly when I wasn't able to play WL. Around July 2019 I joined Galactic Fire, where I spent most of my time calling and chilling out. Ending 2019 I joined EXO, which I couldn't believe at first, but they all liked me and we had a great time.

Clan History: 2019
DO - Dezerek Otaku (May 2019)
T7 - Turtle 7eam (May 2019 - August 2019)
GF - Galactic Fire (July 2019 - Present)
pf - Purple Fusion (Sometime in 2019 I don't remember)
PLX - Parallax (Also sometime in 2019)
EXO - Explorers of Time (November 2019 - December 2020)

Notable Friends: 2019








64 :flagUS:
Retro :flagUS:
Nany :flagUS:
Alex99 :flagUS:
Under :flagIN:
Magic :flagUS:
Qatar :flagUS:
Leon :flagNL:
Ethan :flagCA:
Spart :flagCA:
Moises :flagUS:
Serena :flagUS:
Ice :flagDK:

Before I get into 2020, I'm going to talk about my time playing on Dolphin. I started out not having a wii, and not being able to get one, so I started playing on my laptop. I joined lounge back in Season 2 when dolphin was allowed, and was just playing for fun. The fun ended when I got banned from wiimmfi for a week because of lag :(. After that, I downgraded a bunch of my settings and began to play online again. I played on dolphin permanently until around April of 2020, which is around the time where I had a wii. Now in 2021, I don't have my wii at my house anymore, and I can only use it every 3 weeks or so, so I'm using my new pc to play Dolphin now.

2020 was whack, between the start of COVID and failing half of my classes Semester 2, it was a pretty good year for MKW. I started playing CT's for the first time, and I got into a couple memorable CT clans that I am still in today. The beginning of 2020 wasn't that interesting, besides playing wars for EXO and other random sub clans. Summer 2020 was where things got interesting. I revived my old clan LF because I wanted to play CTL, but a lot of the members either didn't want to play or were playing somewhere else, so that died pretty quickly. I did however make my way into PrS, a new CT clan looking for new members for CTL Season 1, so I joined. I ended up only playing 2 races of CTL (yes you heard that right, 2 races) because LA decided to not change host settings and forfeit. We had a lot of fun together however, and I met some wonderful people from the CT community. After LF died, I then changed it into Bibba Squad, where we now play scrims once a month, and we play a couple side leagues. Ending 2020, EXO changed into S1, and became a more serious clan.

Clan History: 2020
EXO - Explorers of Time (November 2019 - November 2020)
LF - Legends of Fire (June 2020)
Bibba - Bibba Squad (July 2020 - Present)
PrS - Prismatic Sunset (July 2020 - Present)
Ac - Acension (November 2020)
S1 - Timeless (November 2020 - March 2021)
.EXE - Execute (April 2020 - Present)
GF - Galactic Fire (July 2019 - Present)

Notable Friends: 2020
(Note: only adding new people to this list so it doesn't get super fucking long)
Soon :flagUS:
Nathan :flagUK:
Goldi :flagUK:
Ben :flagUK:
Rachy :flagUK:
Kleen/Lachlan :flagUK:
ELP :flagUS:
Solo :flagUS:

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