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[MK8DX] "I am looking for a clan" / "My clan needs members" thread


New member
Feb 18, 2019
Clan Name: Drift Easy
Clan Tag: DE
Clan Main Country + Timezone: North America (EST) (however, any country works)
Looking to become a team
Recruiting Status: Open recruitment
Age Range: generally 16+ (exceptions can be made)

Contact Information: Add me on Discord: Easy_RD #1133

Other Information:
- No specific requirements, however, the more hours played the better
- For people looking to get into the competitive side (however, not super stressful)
- Please be active



New member
Feb 23, 2019
  • Forum Name: AidanC97
  • Country (your real one, not the one in-game) + Timezone (ex. UTC-5 - EST): Canada, Pacific Standard
  • Activity: 9/10
  • Switch Friend Code: SW7789-7569-5077
  • Your Age: 21
  • Do you want to join a Team or a Pick-up Group?: Pick-Up Group
  • Age Range of clan you would like to join: Doesn't Matter
  • Contact Information: Discord (Aidan Calhoun (Canadian Yinzer) #9732)
  • Other Information (such as Clan History, etc.): Crazy 8's, Electric Shockers, That's all i remember, it's been 2.5 years lol


New member
Nov 8, 2018
  • Clan Name (include link to thread if desired): Avalanche - We play on Mario Kart Central.
  • Clan Tag: av
  • Clan Main Country + Timezone: North America (USA/Canada) and some UKs
  • Is this a Team or a Pick-up Group?: team
  • Recruiting Status (Open Recruitment, Selective Recruitment): open
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Contact Information: Jack~#6866 , The Process#7834 , Justin#9780 , owen#7409
  • Other Information: im opening a recruitment slot for any mkw player wanting to try competitive mk8deluxe, we have a lot of mkw players as u can see by our reps so we play both games, i play mkw casually but i play mk8d casually and competitively. dm me or any of the other 3 if you're interested in getting into competitive mk8deluxe

For more competitive mk8deluxe info, go to the main site for competitive MK8D https://www.mariokartcentral.com/forums/index.php and join their discord as well, its kinda like the MKBoards for MK8D except we only do MK8D pretty much. i hope that some MKW players get intrigued by wanting to try out MK8D