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[MK8DX] "I am looking for a clan" / "My clan needs members" thread

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New member
Feb 18, 2019
Clan Name: Drift Easy
Clan Tag: DE
Clan Main Country + Timezone: North America (EST) (however, any country works)
Looking to become a team
Recruiting Status: Open recruitment
Age Range: generally 16+ (exceptions can be made)

Contact Information: Add me on Discord: Easy_RD #1133

Other Information:
- No specific requirements, however, the more hours played the better
- For people looking to get into the competitive side (however, not super stressful)
- Please be active



New member
Feb 23, 2019
  • Forum Name: AidanC97
  • Country (your real one, not the one in-game) + Timezone (ex. UTC-5 - EST): Canada, Pacific Standard
  • Activity: 9/10
  • Switch Friend Code: SW7789-7569-5077
  • Your Age: 21
  • Do you want to join a Team or a Pick-up Group?: Pick-Up Group
  • Age Range of clan you would like to join: Doesn't Matter
  • Contact Information: Discord (Aidan Calhoun (Canadian Yinzer) #9732)
  • Other Information (such as Clan History, etc.): Crazy 8's, Electric Shockers, That's all i remember, it's been 2.5 years lol
Nov 8, 2018
  • Clan Name (include link to thread if desired): Avalanche - We play on Mario Kart Central.
  • Clan Tag: av
  • Clan Main Country + Timezone: North America (USA/Canada) and some UKs
  • Is this a Team or a Pick-up Group?: team
  • Recruiting Status (Open Recruitment, Selective Recruitment): open
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Contact Information: Jack~#6866 , The Process#7834 , Justin#9780 , owen#7409
  • Other Information: im opening a recruitment slot for any mkw player wanting to try competitive mk8deluxe, we have a lot of mkw players as u can see by our reps so we play both games, i play mkw casually but i play mk8d casually and competitively. dm me or any of the other 3 if you're interested in getting into competitive mk8deluxe

For more competitive mk8deluxe info, go to the main site for competitive MK8D https://www.mariokartcentral.com/forums/index.php and join their discord as well, its kinda like the MKBoards for MK8D except we only do MK8D pretty much. i hope that some MKW players get intrigued by wanting to try out MK8D


New member
Apr 26, 2019
North America
  • Forum Name: luckyk
  • Country (your real one, not the one in-game) + Timezone (ex. UTC-5 - EST): USA, UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Activity: Medium-high during the week, fairly low on weekends
  • Switch Friend Code: 3971-8324-7313
  • Your Age: 15
  • Do you want to join a Team or a Pick-up Group?: Team (150-200cc is fine)
  • Age Range of clan you would like to join: Anywhere from 14-18+. I don't care about age as long as a team is well coordinated and good at communicating.
  • Contact Information: lucky#0185 on Discord, @sadboisora on Twitter
  • Other Information (such as Clan History, etc.): I've never joined a clan before! I ONLY use inward drift bikes, so I cannot participate in karts only tournaments. I'm available to voice chat with through the Switch Online app.


New member
May 31, 2019
The East Coast
  • Forum Name: Galley
  • Country: United States + Timezone: EDT
  • Activity: Work 6 AM to 2 PM Mon-Fri from late August-Mid June, will be freer in the summers, available most weekends
  • Switch Friend Code: SW-2689-8639-4085
  • Your Age: 23
  • Do you want to join a Team or a Pick-up Group?: Team preferred but I'm down to run pick-up games
  • Age Range of clan you would like to join: 18+ preferred but if the team has chemistry don't mind running with young bucks
  • Contact Information: Galley#0159 on Discord. Don't have Twitter or Facebook
  • Other Information (such as Clan History, etc.): I raced in a ton of 2v2s in MKWii competitively as well as some small clan stuff. I feel now that I am highly skilled at MK8D and would make for a good addition as a fiery competitor
Last edited:
Jun 7, 2019
United States
  • Forum Name: ThatYoshiGuy
  • Country: United States + Timezone: EST
  • Activity: School is my main prioity (like doing homework or projects), so I am only available around 6 PM EST to 11 PM EST on Weekdays. Always available on weekends unless something shows up, which I'll be sure to tell you about. Same deal about weekends for my school breaks.
  • Switch Friend Code: SW-2045-0003-2844
  • Your Age: 14
  • Do you want to join a Team or a Pick-up Group?: Team (I'd prefer 200cc, but 150cc is alright)
  • Age Range of clan you would like to join: 14+ (Mature and good at communication)
  • Contact Information: ThatYoshiGuy#1062 on Discord.
  • Other Information (such as Clan History, etc.): No competitive experience at all, I am hoping to find a group that can help me learn, but also let me join in more intense races. I do have plenty of experience in regular online 200cc races (and 150cc also), and I feel like I can be a good member to any team. I am open to suggestions and advice to help me improve.
Feb 9, 2019
Forum name: JoshyWashy53
Country: England (BST-1)
Activity: Dailyish (might be an occasion where I’m off for the night)
Switch Friend Code: SW-0257-0887-7981
Age: 16
Pickup or team: Either/or
Age range of clan: Anything really
Contact information: discord JoshyWashy#6968. Instagram @Joshua_Wood_53
Other information: I have no clan history
Jun 8, 2019
Nombre del Foro: Kokesaurio

País: Chile CHI (UTC-4) (CST + 1)

Actividad: de lunes a jueves muy poco, disponibilidad de viernes a sábado durante todo el día.

Cambiar código de amigo: SW-3637-7775-7777

Tu edad: 14

¿Quieres unirte a un equipo o un grupo de recolección?: Equipo

Rango de edad del clan al que le gustaría unirse: todas las edades, no tengo ningún problema

Información de contacto: koke_cepe#2439 en discordia

Otra información: antes de estar cerca de 6 meses en varios clanes, hasta que me aburrí, porque no me sentía cómodo, pero ahora jugué de nuevo y me involucré demasiado, me considero un jugador competitivo, de gran nivel (15,000 puntos en línea , y 3 estrellas en todas las copas de 50, 100, 150, espejo, y 200cc. Hablo español y un poco de inglés.
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