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MKPS Pre-League Interviews - Av Shawn and Av Maq


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Jun 25, 2018
United States
MKPS Pre-League Spring Split Interviews - Av Shawn and Av Maq
Written by Jzck

The MKPS Pre-League interviews are a series of discussions between the Social Media Writers and MKPS clan representatives to discuss various topics. These topics can range from the representative’s clan, seedings and community opinions.

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Av Interview with Shawn and Maq
Jzck: Alright, Thank you for taking some of your time to do this interview. To start, would you like to introduce who you are and the clan you're playing for in MKPS?

Maq: Avail, Maq

Shawn: Avail, Shawn

Jzck: Okay cool so the first thing we should talk about is your clan. Avail has always been a top seed team with lots of competitive success over the years and a good reputation in the community. What has been the key to this long term success and overall loyalty within Avail?

Maq: Overall, the leaders, particularly Ballin, have created an environment that values community, as well as making winning a priority. Though a lot of players outside of Avail may find some of our methods strange, or rigid (even we do sometimes), it has given us consistent success throughout the years. I only joined Avail about 2 years ago, but while I was on other teams, Avail always was that team that was seen as an example of what a top team looks like. I always wondered how they were able to stay alive so long, and keep a relatively consistent roster, and once I joined, I understand that it wasn't just luck, but firm leadership, while balancing the need to stay competitive and still having fun.

Jzck: Ok well lets talk about your group. You were seeded into group G with T7, Kaisers, AVE D, PLX and Ap1, how do you feel about your chances and what teams are going to be the hardest matchups for your team?

Shawn: Well its no surprise that we do expect to come first in this group, and the popular 3 to come out in winners will most likely be us, Ap1, and Kaisers. That being said, we will not be taking any of the teams lightly in this group, and will be giving our all in preparation of getting to the winner bracket. I personally think Ap1 will be the toughest matchup for us, as they have some division 1 experience with players like insane, dartii, and an overall a deep roster.

Jzck: Talking about the winners bracket, are there any new players you guys have picked up for the season and if so how do you expect them to help you make a run for the grand prize at the end of the season? If not, how will your existing squad shape up against other fierce teams such as Wollywogz and Etheral and how do plan to be successful?

Maq: Our two newest additions are Kevin and Joris. Kevin is obviously known as one of the best mogi players in the game currently, and has been playing plenty of wars with us, building the so needed chemistry needed to beat the top teams. Joris is one of, if not the most underrated bagger in the community. Having him on our team gives us a lot of bagging depth which is important in long-running seasons like this. To be successful against the other top squads, we're just gonna play our game. We've been playing these teams in scrims and leagues alike for years now, and know how to approach each of them specifically, and have the teamwork to back it up.

Jzck: Thank you both for your time and good luck this season!

Shawn: No problem! Thanks for always carrying me in league, I am still confused about how you are not challenger yet but I know you will reach it soon!

Jzck: You're too kind :)
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